Vegas Odds!


I bet you’re wondering what your odds of victory in the playoffs are.

Well I found the mathematical formulas that a Vegas Sportsbook uses to predict baseball games, and guess what? We keep all the necessary inputs to use their formulas! This means we can find out find out how a real Vegas Sportsbook would handicap each one of our games! And I’ve done exactly that for round one of the playoffs!

After doing this for a few years I’ve found that Vegas is right more than they are wrong, but they are wrong plenty. The really interesting part is that they rarely give the underdog a higher chance of winning, but when they do, they usually get it right.

Los Moppines Bracket

(32) Some Innuendo vs (33) Shoe Makers … And Vegas Says … Shoe Makers have a 74% chance of victory.  Wow an upset right off the bat, and a decisive one!


(24) Buff Ave Babes vs (41) AA’s Only Bigger … And Vegas Says …The 41st seed has only a 7% chance of victory.  Vegas likes Buff Ave Babes!


(25) Salty Bocce Balls vs (40) Bocce Buddies … And Vegas Says … Bocce Buddies have a 27% chance of pulling the upset!


Droppin Balls Bracket


(29) 44’s vs (36) Kristen & Lisa … And Vegas Says … Kristen & Lisa have a 30% chance of pulling the upset!


(20) Super Bocce Bros vs (45) Ball Dykes … And Vegas Says …. Super Bocce Bros have a 94% chance of victory!


(21) White BALLerion the Dread vs (44) Belles of the Ball … And Vegas Says … The 44 seed has a 26% chance of winning!


(28) Alcohol & Desperation vs (37) All’s Fair in Love & Bocce … And Vegas Says … Alcohol & Despiration have an 82% chance to win!


Breakfast of Champions Bracket


(31) Twins vs  (34) Tuesday Night Lights … And Vegas Says … the 34 seed has a 72% chance of victory! Vegas loves Tuesday Night Lights!


(23) Bocce Against the Machine vs (42) Vandelay Industries … And Vegas Says … Vandelay Industries have a healthy 30% chance of victory!


(26) Blonde Bocce Bitches vs (39) TBD … And Vegas Says … TBD have a 54% chance of pulling the upset!  Another straight upset pick!


Dog Brothers Bracket 


(30) Domestic Dispute vs (35) Sans Lumiere … And Vegas Says … Sans Lumiere has a 46% chance of winning.  Almost a toss up … we haven’t had any of those yet, strangely.


(19) Curveball vs (46) Bye Week … And Vegas Says … Curveball has a >99% chance of victory.


(22) Boccelism vs (43) Lamdollar … And Vegas Says … Lamdollar has a 42% chance of winning.  Vegas likes Lamdollar.


(27) Mean Girls vs (38) West End Wonder Women … And Vegas Says … The 38 seed has a 66% chance of pulling an upset!  Wow!


That’s round 1 folks. We’ll do Vegas Odds for round 2 next week.   Again, these games are ALL scheduled for 6pm Tuesday 8/7.  If you can’t play at that time let know ASAP so we can reschedule.  No call, no show = forfeit.

I want to thank everybody who came over my house for the bracket reveal party, it was a great time!  I haven’t thrown a party in a while, so it was nice to have people over.  Even my daughter had a friend over.

They’re the scions of 6 Turbo Bocce championships.

I wanted to go through all my beer, and as usual you guys came through.  We drank every last beer in the house, most of the wine, and a lot of the liquor too!

For me the highlight of the night was the Fox In Socks drinking game.  Of the many many (many) drinking games I’ve invented through the years, this one might have been my favorite.  The premise is really simple: do a shot, then read a few pages from this children’s book …

We were all surprisingly good at reading tongue twisters drunk, I was shocked.  But seeing how good we are at playing bocce drunk, perhaps I shouldn’t have been.

Shout out to our Monday sand league!  By 2 am the only people left standing were Monday players … that league really knows how to party!

As for the bracket reveal … there are two things I love about the BCS.  First, its a more fair way to determine a regular season champion.  Second, you never know exactly which team will be in which position until we reveal the end of year stats.  Its so much fun to be able to reveal the brackets this way!  Keeping every teams strength of schedule is really time consuming,  It makes doing the stats probably five times longer than they otherwise would be.  But these bracket reveal parties are TOTALLY worth the effort!