Vegas Odds!

I bet you’re wondering what your odds of victory in the playoffs are.

Well I found the mathematical formulas that a Vegas Sportsbook uses to predict baseball games, and guess what? We keep all the necessary inputs to use their formulas! This means we can find out find out how a real Vegas Sportsbook would handicap each one of our games! And I’ve done exactly that for round one of the playoffs!

You can check the brackets HERE if you need a refresher.

After doing this for a few years I’ve found that Vegas is right more than they are wrong, but they are wrong plenty. The really interesting part is that they rarely give the underdog a higher chance of winning, but when they do, they usually get it right.

So here are the Vegas odds for all our Round 1 games!

1 seed Uncle Jun’s in the Muff is the only team with a first round bye.

4 seed Blue Ballz vs 5 seed Top Notch Ball Handlers … And Vegas Says … Blue Ballz has a 59% chance of victory! Close game right off the bat!

3 seed Glory Rollers vs 6 seed Draggin BallZ … And Vegas Says … Draggin BallZ have a not-insubstantial 39% chance of pulling the upset!

2 seed Boccin In the Free World vs 7 seed Amy & Corey … And Vegas Says … Boccin In the Free World has an 82% chance of victory. The most of any team this year, but I’ve seen teams with 99% chance of victory lose before!

These games are ALL scheduled for 6pm Wednesday 8/15 (unless you’ve already made plans to reschedule). If you can’t play at that time let know ASAP so we can reschedule. No call, no show = forfeit.

This will be a beset of 3 series, with the losers going home and the winners advancing to our Saturday tournament which will crown our champion! Games start at Noon, and around 5 we will have free food, drinks, and give out awards!! I hope to see you there whether you win or lose, we’ve got a lot to celebrate.