Vegas Odds


I bet you’re wondering what your odds of victory in the playoffs are!

I found the mathematical formulas that a Vegas Sports Book uses to predict baseball games and guess what?  We keep all the necessary inputs to use their formulas!  This means we can find out find out how a Vegas sportsbook would handicap each one of our games!  And I’ve done exactly that!

After doing this for a few years I’ve found that Vegas is right more than they are wrong, but they are wrong plenty.  The really interesting part is that they rarely give the underdog a higher chance of winning, but when they do, they usually get it right.

First match up . . .

#8 Like a Botch vs. #9 Ball Busters

Vegas gives Like a Botch a 60% chance of victory.  A close prediction as you’d expect between two teams only one seed apart

Next up . . .

#4 Boccin in the Free World vs. #13 Amanda & Danielle

Vegas gives Boccin in the Free World a 88% chance of victory.  Vegas seems to like Boccin in the Free World, they are sure of the outcome, if they saw Amanda play last week like I did they might not be so sure.

Next up . . .

#5 Gone Fishing vs. #12 Betty & Bo

Vegas gives Gone Fishing an 83% chance of victory.  How do these percentages translate into betting?  I should look that up next time.

Next up . . .

#7 Glory Rollers vs. #10 Buzzed Saws

Vegas gives Glory Rollers a 67% chance of victory.  Not a lot of close outcomes this year.  Vegas is feeling sure of itself.

Next up . . .

#3 Elite Ball Handlers vs. #14 Green Machine

Vegas gives Elite Ball Handlers a 66% chance of victory.  The second lowest margin of victory for the highest seed.  Interesting.  Vegas likes something about Green Machine!

Finally we’ve got . . .

#6 Thunderballz vs. #11 My Drinking Team Has a Bocce Problem

Vegas is giving Thunderballz a 93% chance of victory.  Vegas loves Thunderballz!  But then again who doesn’t.


Good luck on Wednesday everybody!