Want to know where you stack up against Turbo Bocce’s all-time records?

Most Team Wins: 27 – Set by the Tipp Hill Tossers (Paul Colabufo and Jim Whipple) in 2008 & 2009.

Most individual points in a season: 180 – Set by Paul Colabufo, Breakfast of Champions, in 2012.

Most points in a week (3 game set): 26 – Set by Phil Scalesi, Our Pallinos Are Bigger Than Yours, in 2011.

Most individual bocces in a season: 82 – Set by Phil Martino, Black Jesus in 2007.

Most bocces in a day (3 game set): 16 – Set by Ashlee Amato, Faccia Brutta, in 2012 (on her very first day playing bocce).

Most individual Aces in a season: 33 – Set by Bob Amato, Yankee Clippers, in 2010.

Most Aces in a day (3 game set): 11 – Set by Mike Lindaman, The Brothers, in 2009.

Most individual Debocce’s in a season: 19, Phil Martino, Black Jesus, in 2007.

Most Debocce’s in a day (3 game set): 5, Phil Martino, Black Jesus, in 2012.

Biggest Bounty Ever: $100, paid to Dan Hanley and Dave Jenkett, Tap That, in 2012.