Wednesday Make-Up Week #1 Recap

A week of rain and flooding, and beautiful sunny day of bocce. That’s how we roll!

wed m 1

Lots of information to cover, so lets get right to it.

Mayhem & Deboccery played Experienced Ball Handlers in what turned to to be a closely contested match. Experienced Ball Handlers showed their experience by winning a close first game 11-9. In the second game Mayhem & Deboccery bounced back to win 11-5. Then Experienced Ball Handlers won the day with an 11-4 final game win.

Another close game was played between The Rookies and Jay & Silent Botch. After getting blown out the first game 11-3, the Rookies started to get the best of things. They won a close second game 11-9 and then lost a heart-breaking third game 11-9. Close good game all around.

The late game of the day was played between Drunk Camels and Tiny But Mighty. This game took a while, was spirited, and if you noticed was actually a really great game. Drunk Camels won the first game 11-7, and Tiny But Mighty came back to win the second game 11-9. The third game was played in the sunset and through into the dark with Tiny But Mighty winning in overtime 13-11.

The best game of the day was played between two teams at the top of the standings, Thunderballz and For the Love of Bocce. For the Love of Bocce took an early game one lead, but Thunderballz only had one loss on the year for a reason and would not go down easy. They came back to force overtime, before eventually falling 12-10. In the second game, Thunderballz took their late first game momentum and used it to carry themselves to a big 11-3 win. The third game could have gone in either direction, but For the Love of Bocce got the 11-9 win. Great day for them, and arguably the best win anybody has had all year.

wed m 2

We have now played 5 regular season weeks and one make up week. We have 5 regular season weeks and one make up week left to play before the playoffs. That makes us half way done. Seems like a good time to look at our standings.

Balls of Fury – 2.507 (BCS)
Money Shot – 2.222
Thunderballz – 2.076
For the Love of Bocce – 1.974
Jay & Silent Botch – 1.905

Now lets check the weeks individual stats:

20 Point Club

Andy Tramontana – Drunk Camels – 24 (season high!)
Paul Colabufo – Jay & Silent Botch – 22

wed m 3

5 Bocce Club

Brit Lauth – For the Love of Bocce – 10 (season high!)
Courtney Razzante – Tiny But Mighty – 5

wed m 4

Multiple Ace Club
Bill Ricktenwald – The Rookies – 2
Becky Capogreco – Mayhem & Deboccery – 2
Kristen Hetler – Tiny But Mighty – 2

wed m 5

Turbo Round Wins

Damian Hearn – The Rookies – 2

wed m 6

Now that we are half way through the year, lets look at some season high scorers.

The season high for points is Andy Tramontana who scored 24 points just this week!

The sesason high for bocces is Brit Lauth who had 10 bocces just this week!

The season high for aces is Jenn Elia who had 7 aces in week 2 (this record might last a while!).

Here are the individual season leaders.


John Bowman – 133
Paul Colabufo – 115
Robb Jones – 110
Jake Alstadt – 106
Sara Tully – 93

wed m 7


Birt Lauth – 27
Jay Mandresh – 24
Kelly Edmundston – 21
Ken Brenner – 21
Meg Dyer – 19

wed m 8


Paul Colabufo – 9
Jen Elia – 8
Sara Tully – 8
Kristen Hetler – 6
Mark Avery Claridge – 6

wed m 9

There is lot of info about our annual 1 vs. 1 tournament coming down the pike, so if you haven’t gotten an email about it already make sure you email to be put on the email list, so you can get important info about Turbo Bocce.