Wednesday Week 10 Recap

This happened a week ahead of schedule, but its such big news I had to cover it. The bottom line is this, Balls of Fury were 27-0 and attempting to put together the first undefeated season in Turbo Bocce history.

The only team to stand in their way was L & M, and L & M had a first game lead, but of course, those seldom hold up against Balls of Fury. While the game was hard fought, L & M had game point in place with Balls of Fury having one throw left to not lose. Here is what happened:

You probably can’t tell, but Balls of Fury came DAMN close to continuing the game. Damn, close, but not quite there. This is how L & M ended Balls of Fury’s record winning streak . . . in style.

Balls of Fury could not complete the first undefeated season in Turbo Bocce history, so they get this consolation prize.


They did, however, win the next two games to finish with an all time record 29-1 performance. I guess the magic 8 ball was correct when it predicted they would break the record at the half way point of the season. 29-1 is one hell of a record. Congratulations Balls of Fury.

Turbo Bocce had some special guests in week 10. Team Feidt. You might remember back in May we had a fundraiser (the Turbo Bocce Spring Gala) that paid for the speaker we listen to music on and our lights. It also provided everyone in bocce who came with a night of free food and drinks. This was all thanks to our sponsors, one of which was Team Feidt, the best karate studio in town. In addition to paying for us all to eat and drink for free, in addition to paying for our music and our lights, they are also providing anybody in bocce who wants it with a free karate or fitness lesson. If you (or a friend, or family member) is interested, call this number: 315-622-5425 and tell them you are from Turbo Bocce. If you want more information, here is their website and here is their Facebook Their hours are Monday-Sunday 9am-9pm and they have two locations 8075 Oswego Road, Liverpool, NY 13090 and at the Great Northern Mall in the Macy’s wing.


Here is some of the footage of their demonstration. That last fight got pretty violent . . . I’d say it was one of the seven or eight most violent fights we’ve had break out during a bocce match (losing some points for style because everybody had honor and nobody was drunk of course).

In other news, The Blowing 8 Balls are officially one of the hottest teams in bocce after beating a very good Ontario Strikers team three games to none, and Matt Taranto is definitely the hottest player in the league after scoring 20 points (which is becoming a regular occurrence for him).


For the Love of Bocce had a statement win, showing they are ready to compete for a title, by beating Money Shot two games to one. Before this game Money Shot had only lost once in the whole year combined so this is quite a win.

Onto individual performers:

20 Point Club

Matt Taranto – The Blowing 8 Balls – 20 (another stand out performance!)


5 Bocce Club
Kelly Edmunston – De-Bocce-ry – 6 (enough to take the league lead as well!)

Tom Pacheck – Bushwackers – 5

Ken Brenner – Experienced Ball Handlers – 5


Multiple Ace Club

Bill Recktenwald – The Rookies – 2

Tom Pacheck – Bushwackers – 2

Dana Giucciardi – Bushwackers – 2


Multiple Turbo Round Wins

Paul Colabufo – Jay & Silent Botch – 2


Overall Season Leaders:


Balls of Fury – 2.389
Money Shot – 2.193
For the Love of Bocce – 2.058
Jay & Silent Botch – 1.982
Thunderballz – 1.968


John Bauman – 196
Paul Colabufo – 174
Jake Alstadt – 173
Matt Kuzeck – 156
Robb Jones & Sara Tully – 153


Kelly Edmundston – 41
Meg Dyer & Jay Mandresh – 37
Ken Brenner – 36
Britt Lauth – 35
Courtney Razzanti & Sara Tully – 28


Paul Colabufo – 13
Sara Tully & Kelly Edmundston – 12
Mark Avery Claridge – 9
Becky Capogreco & Jenn Elia – 8
Kristen Hetler – 7

Turbo Round Wins:

Damian Hearn- 8
Lisa Lippoldt – 4
Jay Mandresh- 3
Sara Tully – 3