Wednesday Week 2 Recap

Bocce was great this week. After my game I had a bunch of drinks at Sharkey’s then went home and slept like a log . . . which I assume is why I woke up in the fireplace.


Speaking of drinking, I want to institute an old Tuesday tradition with the hope that it might add yet another element of fun to our league. Its called the George Christou Award (adapted from the older, cruder, Most Drunk award). It goes like this. I am going to give the bartender who delivers drinks to our field a medal. They are going to award this medal to whomever they want (usually its someone who buys a round for others, but its totally up to them). If you win the medal I buy you and your partner a drink at the bar after you are done playing, and you get to keep the medal for a week. The next week, you get to choose who wins the George Christou Award and the free drinks. The Tuesday league has had a lot of fun with this award over the years (I’ll include a few George Christou Award pics as proof) and I see no reason why we can’t have just as much fun.






Okay, back to bocce. We had some great match ups.

For the Love of Bocce defeated Pizza Beard 2-1 in what seemed like a very competitive game, and what ultimately became the bounty game. Congrats to For the Love of Bocce for winning a $20 gift certificate to Sharkey’s.


De-Bocce-ry played Tiny but Mighty in what looked like a rather epic showdown. I saw lots of trash talking (which I wholeheartedly approve of) and a lot of laughs as well. Then when I looked at the scorecard I could tell that there was some pretty great bocce happening as well. Courtney Razzante had 9 bocces which is a huge total and a season high, and since you can’t get a bocce unless the other team is throwing their ball in for points, I know everyone played great. Ultimately De-Bocce-ry came away with a 2-1 victory.


The Conquistadors and Experienced Ball Handlers look to be two heavyweights in the league this year, and they matched up with the Conquistadors winning 2 games, despite both players on Experienced Ball Handlers racking up multiple aces.


Thunderballz and Bocce Ninjas each had three game sweeps, while Robb & John impressively had two three game sweeps (they are ahead one week because they plan on missing a week later in the summer) against what I would biasly call two very good teams. One being Ontario Strikers, a promising new team, and the other coming against Jay and Silent Botch (my team) despite my titanic performance – though when I say I had a titanic performance, I mean I crashed and sunk.


Lets take a moment to look at the league standings (the complete standings are HERE if you want to see). Everybody makes the playoffs at the end of the year, but the teams are NOT seeded based on winning percentage. As you’ve noticed we don’t play a set schedule, and even if we did, the league is too big for every team to play every other team. Thus some teams will, by luck of the draw, play a more difficult schedule than others, and we try to mitigate that disadvantage by keeping track of strength of schedule and giving some credit for playing difficult teams in the form of BCS – which is a combination of winning percentage and strength of schedule. At the end of the year its your BCS number that will determine your seed in the playoffs.

The BCS is easy to calculate. Its your winning percentage doubled plus your strength of schedule (your strength of schedule is the winning percentage of all the teams you have played combined). So its more important to win your games than to play a difficult schedule, but those teams that get stuck playing difficult schedules will get a little boost in the rankings because of it, and the standings come out fairly reflecting how good a team was during the year.

Using the BCS calculation here is what the top of our standings looks like:

Robb & John – 9-0 (record) – 2.250 (BCS)
Thunderballz – 6-0 (record) – 2.111 (BCS)
L & M – 5-1 (record) – 2.111 (BCS)
Conquistadors – 5-1 (record) – 2.000 (BCS)
The Blowing 8 Balls – 3-0 (record) – 2.000 (BCS)
Whip & Andy – 3 – 0 (record) – 2.000 (BCS)
Till Bocce Do Us Part – 2-1 (record) – 2.000 (BCS)

Now onto individual accomplishments.

20 Point Club

Jake Alstadt – Thunderballs – 23 – This is a season high for points, and Jake is the league leader after 2 weeks (Robb Jones and John Bowman have more points than he does but they played 3 weeks).

Jenn Elia – Bocce Ninjas – 21 – Keep an eye out for this name, you’ll be seeing it again.

Valerie Cushman – Mashed Potatoes & Gravy – 21

John Bowman – Robb & John – 21 – He had 18 in his other game so it was a VERY good week for him.


5 Bocce Club

Courtney Razzante – Tiny but Mighty – 9 – This is a season high.

Matt Capogreco – Mayhem & Deboccery – 6

Matt Kopel – Pizza Beard – 6

Ken Brenner – Experienced Ball Handlers – 6

Jake Alstadt – Thunderballz – 6

Mike Himmelman – Sheila & Mike – 6


Multiple Ace Club

Jenn Elia – Bocce Ninjas – 7 – This is a season high, and I believe the second highest single day ace total of all time. To put this in perspective our ace leader last year had 14 aces on the season, she got half that in one day. Very well done Jenn.

Kristen Hetler – Tiny but Mighty – 3

Kelly Edmundson, Meg Dyer, Mark Avery Claridge, Ken Brenner, Robb Jones, John Bowman – 2


As always we have plenty more pics on our Facebook page that you don’t want to miss.