Wednesday Week 5 Recap

The last bocce match of the day, week 5, had a bit of a grudge match feel. It went on past dark and ended when not one but two of the balls got lost after being bocced straight into the woods. Now that’s what I call a good way to end the day! Sometimes I try to fathom how awesome bocce is but I cant . . . because its too awesome to fathom.

wed5 6
There were lots of good games this week. L&M faced off against Thunderballz who has yet to loose a game this year. Thunderballz started strong winning the first game 12-2 but L&M picked up steam in the second game and made it competitive losing 11-8. In the third game L&M got over the hump and gave Thunderballz its first loss of the year in overtime 13-10.

Another former Tuesday team who was undefeated (except against another Tuesday team) is The Blowing 8 Balls who faced off against Dolce. The Blowing 8 Balls won the first two games relatively easily 12-7, and 12-6, helped by Matt Taranto’s impossible shot spiking an ace out of a divot. But in the third game Dolce bounced back with a great performance winning 11-8. The score card reads “Ha! Don’t Talk Shit!” So I assume a lot of shit talking was happening . . . which I approve of.

Got to love to see the new teams starting to beat the more experienced teams. I told you in the first week it was only a matter of time!

Got to love to see the new teams starting to beat the more experienced teams. I told you in the first week it was only a matter of time!

The Drunk Camels had a great game against the Ontario Strikers were all three games were closely contested. The Ontario Strikers winning two out of three 11-9, 9-11, and 11-8.

wed5 2

The Bocce Ninjas went up against Money Shot and lost all three games, despite putting up a good fight. I want to take a minute to examine the Bocce Ninja’s season. They are 3-9 which might not seem like a great record, but I played them and I can tell you they are good. So, you might wonder, how does good team end up with a 3-9 record? I’ll tell you how. Strength of schedule. The Bocce Ninja’s opponents have a combined .889 strength of schedule. This is unheard of. To put it in perspective, the highest winning percentage any team has ever put up is .900, which you can see here. The teams Bocce Ninjas have played, put up the same winning percentage (if you round up) COMBINED. I can’t even believe its possible to find four team who win so much, but they did it. In this context 3-9 is actually a pretty great record. Don’t worry Bocce Ninjas, things are going to get easier. They have to, statistically speaking. For the record, the highest strength of schedule ever is in the mid .600’s, so they are on pace to easily break that record.

wed5 3

On to individual accomplishments.

20 Point Club

Oscar Ocampo – Sean & Oscar- 21
Paul Colabufo – Jay & Silent Botch – 21
Jake Alstadt – Thunderballz – 20
Andy Ingalls – Money Shot – 20

wed 5

5 Bocce Club

Scott Asimov – Drunk Camels – 8
Meg Dyer – De-Bocce-ry – 7
Don Cushman – Mashed Potatoes & Gravy – 5
Sara Tully – Thunderballz – 5

wed5 5

Multiple Ace Club

Mike Gilbert – Ontario Strikers – 2
Oscar Ocampo – Sean & Oscar – 2

wed5 4

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