Week 1 Recap

Turbo Bocce’s season opener had a little bit of everything . . . Becks, Shocktop, Landshark, Ultra, LaBatt, and oh yea, a little bit of bocce too!

Actually there was more than a little bit of bocce . . . we used all 18 of our bocce sets, then used them all again for a second wave of people. Next week, look forward to more bocce sets (which are already ordered and en route) and the continuing annexation of Sharkey’s land, as bigger and better seems to be the bocce creed this year.


Normally this is where I would start talking about the bocce results, and mentioning all the notable performers, but that would be putting the cart before the horse. Today I should start where most sporting events start . . . the National Anthem. This was a historic first for Turbo Bocce as it was our first ever National Anthem performance. Thank you Sanguine French for helping to make Turbo Bocce bigger and better!

Speaking of bigger and better, Turbo Bocce now has music. Check this guy out.


We actually have more than just music, and more than just a DJ. Jimmy Del Fuoco of JDM Audio Production and Mobile DJ will be at bocce every week, serving as a mouthpiece for our league, giving out important information, commenting on what’s happening, and playing any music you want. He is here to serve, so don’t be afraid to go up and ask for absolutely anything. In all ways, this league belongs to the people who play in it, and the music belongs to you too. Go up and talk with Jimmy – make sure the music that gets played during bocce the kind of music you want it to be.


Here’s another tip. We are working on getting each team their own individual page on the website. These team pages will have your name, picture, stats, record, and pictures of all your scoresheets. As long as we are putting all that together, we might as well give you a theme song too. So think of what theme song you want, and let me know, I will get it on your team page, and Jimmy will be happy to play it during your games, thus simultaneously intimidating your opponent, pumping you up, and proving once and for all that you are the greatest!


And while you are at it, head over to JDM Audio’s Facebook page and give them a “like.”

Okay, shall we talk bocce now?


Lets start with the bounty game. For those that don’t know, every time you come play bocce you have a chance to win money. The way it works is, we name a team at random the “bounty” team, and if you beat that team you win money. The catch is, you don’t know who the bounty team is until you start playing. Hopefully, one day soon you will be tapped on the shoulder, and handed a golden starting box, if that happens and you win your game, you win money!

This week’s bounty team was the Sean and Josh of Knickerbocces who went up against Anson and Dan of Sweet Italian Bocce Balls.



The Knickerbocce’s won the first two games, putting an end to any bounty discussion quickly, and even though Sweet Italian Bocce Balls won the third game, it was not enough to get the money. That means, the $20 that Anson and Dan could have won will be put into the pot for next week, and whoever plays the bounty team next week has a chance to win $40.

Sweet Italian Bocce Balls

Sweet Italian Bocce Balls

Another fun game came when the Bocce Babes played The Bocce Bunch.  The Bocce Bunch won the first two games rather handily by scores of 11-3 and 12-4, but the Bocce Babes got their revenge in the third game with a 12-0 shutout.  The only shutout of the day.


There were a number of standout performers in week 1, but Jake Schatz of Ball Don’t Lie lead the way with 22 points. Having finished just one point short of winning the Rookie of the Year award last year, then leading his team to the final four, Jake is a player to keep an eye on. He looks poised to have a big year.

Here is the rest of the 20 point club:
Sean Hughes – Knickerbocces
Monica Angelosanto – Ball Busters
Jeremy Jackson – Kentucky Bourbon
John Bowman – New Bocce Order
Rob Mead – Puzzles
John Alberichi – Sauce & Sand
Angelo Isgro – Kiss My Ace
Rich Wilmot – Bushwackers

The last three players on this list need a special mention. Every year Turbo Bocce hands out a Rookie of the Year award to the newcomer with the most points. John Alberichi is leading the way after week one with a fantastic 21 points, but Angelo Isgro and Rich Wilmot are right on his heels with 20 points a piece.

Speaking of rookie players, one rookie tied an all time bocce record in his first ever week of bocce (pretty impressive!).  Tim Tramontana of Son of Sicilian Sam scored 11 individual points in a single game . . . considering our games are only played to 11, that’s going to be a pretty tough record to break.  Congrats Tim!

Bocces seem to be a little more difficult to rack up this year than they were last year, but that did not stop a fairly large group of people from joining the 5 bocce club. Leading the way is Laura Dewey of I Shaved My Balls For This? and Joe LaCelle of Stealth Fox 3 (both Rookies) with seven bocces a piece.

Here is the rest of the 5 bocce club:
Amanda Fuller – Bocce Babes – Who earned a spot in the 5 bocce club on her Birthday!
Sherri Walakis – Blonde Bocce Bithces
Jay Rush – TBD
Bobby Lupi – Bocce Against the Machine
Mike Morey – Stealth Fox 3
Phil Martino – Black Jesus

Several people had multiple aces on the day, but nobody got more than two.

Here is the Multiple Ace club:
Dan Hanley – Sweet Italian Bocce Balls
Kevin Curreri – Some Innuendo
Sara Tully – Flailing Weasels
George Christou – Black Jesus
Jeremy Jackson – Kentucky Bourbon
Kim Pomeroy – Blonde Bocce Bitches
Jake Schatz – Ball Don’t Lie
Angelo Isgro – Kiss My Ace
Laura Dewey – I Shaved My Balls For This?
Mike Geiss – Mike & Mike

We put our lights to good us in this night bocce game!

We put our lights to good us in this night bocce game!

After bocce all kinds of things were going on. I saw people drinking (obviously), and playing can jam. Sanguine French and Andy Thompson proved that bocce players are as smart as we are talented and good looking by winning trivia, and I myself got in a drunken game of late night volleyball, which I have to say is a ton of fun and a wonderful way to sober up before heading home. If you happen to want to play volleyball next Tuesday look for me sometime after nine, when I’m sure another game will be going.

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