Week 1 Recap

After an entire day of rain, the clouds parted and the sun came out just in time for bocce to start.  As usual, the sun finds a way to invariably shine on Turbo Bocce, and dour field’s amazing drainage, the ground wasn’t even wet.

Check out the sky in this pic.  How nice is that?

Week 1 of season 8 saw many historic moments, but none more historic than the official introduction of Co-Ed play into the league. Julie Gilbert was the first woman to ever throw a bocce ball competitively in the league, thus becoming a Jackie Robinson like icon of equality. No doubt there will be a national holiday on her birthday coming soon.

The Historic 1st Shot!

Julie performed well with 14 points on the day. But there were other women who made major noise. Most notably, Ashlee Amato who set the pace for the league with an amazing 12 bocce’s!

The second historic occurrence came early in the evening as Team Schwag became the first team ever to have a twenty dollar bounty put on their heads in their game against Beer United. To the delight of everybody in the league other than Beer United, Team Schwag won the match, meaning somebody will have a forty dollar bounty on their heads next Tuesday. I wonder who it will be?

A picture of the two scoundrels to earn Turbo Bocce's 1st bounty!

In the team standings, Omnipotence are leading the way with an eye-popping 3-0 win over long time members DaVinci, where they outscored DaVinci by a whopping 27 points.

In personal standings, Sean Hughes is leading the league (despite this being his first week ever of playing bocce) with a huge 21 points. A total that I am guessing is an all time record for a first time performance.

At Turbo Bocce, we have always wanted to give out an award for the person who drank the most beers, but we have never been able to find a reliable way to keep the stat. So, I will try to eyeball the person who drank the most/had the most fun and recognize them here. To be honest, I didnt notice that anybody was overly drunk (does that mean I was the most drunk?). So I am going to honor Scotti with a drinking lifetime achievement award that is well deserved and long overdue.