Week 1 Recap

The bocce season started with some rain and some cold weather, but a lot of enthusiasm. Just look at all the enthusiasm in the picture below!

Even though the sky was gray and the winds were a little high I don’t think anybody had a hard time picturing how beautiful Onondaga Lake Park can be on a sunny day with a cool breeze coming in off the water.

Yep we are playing in paradise!

Week one marked our first chance to name a bounty team. This week it was Dan Hanley and Anson Zeppetello of Sweet Italian Bocce Balls. Kate Gillen and Erica Daniels of Team Tingle were their opponents and stood to win $20 if they were able to win the match.

The bounty game ready to play.

Anson and Dan must have come ready to play; I personally saw them turn down a free drink at the White Water Pub to get first throw of the pallino (free drink or first throw is a choice we will have often this year thanks to our sponsors the White Water Pub). Their determination paid off because they managed to win all three games.

Just look at how serious and businesslike Anson and Dan are.

Of course that means the bounty will be set at $40 next week. Good luck everybody. With a little luck you will be tapped on the shoulder and told you are playing the bounty team for a chance to win $40.

Speaking of Anson and Dan, they both happened to be on the radio as well. Upon Further Review is a sports talk show that airs on ESPN radio 97.7 FM from three to six pm Monday through Friday – and every Tuesday for the entire season they are going to talk bocce ball! This week their topic was former bocce champions moving to new teams. There are four this year. Anson Zeppetello, Phil Martino, Andy Ingalls and Jim Whipple. How will they do? Well they all got off to pretty good starts. Anson’s team (as mentioned) was able to win three games, while Phil and Andy (now teammates) won two and lost one against Jeremy and Rob of Kentucky Bourbon – who finished in third place in last year’s playoffs. Jim Whipple (now partners with John Bowman) won two and lost one in an epic showdown against Joe and Rob Mead of team Puzzles (last years regular season champion).

The high scorer of the day was Mike Aylesworth of Droppin Balls who scored 22 points while compiling three wins against Salty Bocce Balls. Another interesting fact about this game must be mentioned. Kevin and Badger of Salty Bocce Balls scored 9 points in all three games, so each game was tightly fought despite the same team winning all three – and Badger of Salty Bocce Balls scored 19 points. Now, I don’t know what the record is for most points by a player whose team lost all three games (because quite frankly we don’t keep that stat) but I would be SHOCKED if Badger didn’t just set it with 19, which is an incredible total (only three off the day’s best) for a guy on a team that didn’t win a game.

We give out a Rookie of the Year award to the first year player with the most points at the end of the year. Right now Scott (team yet to be named but partners with Donna) is leading the way with 19 with Frank of team Teacher’s Union is hot on his heels with 18.

Sara Tully (team yet to be named) had the most bocce’s on the day with a whopping 11, in her first time ever playing bocce. Ironically she got this total against team Faccia Brutta, which is Ashlee Amato’s team. Ashlee set an all time Turbo Bocce record with 16 bocce’s in her first ever game. Scotti of team DaVinci (last year’s bocce champion) started strong again with 9. While Brian of The Moppines and Theresa of We Think Your Balls Are Sexy each had 5 bocces in a head to head battle that must have been a lot of fun to play in. *For those that don’t know a bocce occurs when the other team is in for a point and you knock their ball out with yours, thus giving your team the point.

Chris Malone of Beer United (ask me how their team got that name sometime, fun story) and Josh Wheeler of Knickerbocces set the standard with 3 aces a piece. *For those that don’t know an ace occurs when the ball you throw is touching the target ball or pallino.

All the stats and standings will be updated to the website soon, in the mean time if you want to know who holds all time records you should be trying to break, check it out by clicking HERE.

I’d also be remiss to not mention that bocce had two special guests. Spencer Kaminski who took in his first bocce game at the ripe old age of two months, and George Christou who has been to pretty much every Turbo Bocce game ever played and helped build the league (stay tuned for more info about this!)

He looks 21, right?

After the games we went to the White Water Pub where they had pulled pork, pop corn chicken, and some other delicious stuff waiting for us to chow down on.

Our bartender Mary Kay helped pass out the first official George Christou award, which goes to the drinker of her choice which this week was Tom of team Bushwhackers. Turbo Bocce bought a round and Andy, Anson, Paul, and Sean all drank to Tom’s accomplishment

Congrats to the first ever winner of the George Christou Award!

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