Week 10 Pre-Game

Can you believe we’re at week 10?  There’s a make up day next week, and that will be the last day of the regular season.  You can play Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and next, but by next Wednesday your team should have played 30 games.  Any games you have not played by Midnight next Wednesday will be forfeit.  Everybody makes the playoffs no matter what.


Weather Forecast

I’m sure you heard the news, there will be rain.  But this is a good news/bad news situation.  Its going to be raining right up until 6, you can count on that.  But then the chance of rain goes way down. Its at 50% right now and dropping.  So stop by bocce at 6.  There might be periods of rain, but there will almost definitely be nice periods too, and there’s a chance we avoid the rain altogether.   Don’t worry about the rain before hand, our field will soak all that up, no fuss, no muss, no mud.


Beer Forecast

The usual.  $10 all you can drink.


End of Regular Season Info

Party Forecast

After the last games of the regular season are played next Wednesday I will tabulate the standings on Thursday and on Friday we’ve got our big bracket reveal party!  This is where we get together, have a bunch of free drinks, on me, and watch a big movie screen to find out what our playoff destiny is.  We also find out who won all the regular season awards!!! If we are lucky Boeheim’s Army will be playing in the finals of the TBT that day as well so we can catch the game on the movie screen!

What: We reveal the Turbo Bocce Playoff Brackets and drink!!!
Where: 304 Hamilton Road, North Syracuse, 13212 – extra parking at 5959 Smith Rd, North Syracuse, NY 13212
When – August 3rd at 7pm
How Much:  FREE