Week 10 Recap

Week 10 . . . what a ride its been. The season and the summer went by fast, but that’s what happens when you are having fun.

In a fitting tribute to the season, we kicked our first keg at 6:30, which is as fast as we’ve ever kicked one. Two people came up to me saying the tap was broken before someone tried picking it up only to find out that it was empty. Needless to say the second keg soon followed the first.

See pictures of all the goings on at our Facebook page by clicking HERE.

On the field, upsets were the order of the day. The three top teams going into the day were Eazy Doez It, Long Dongs, and Ghost Sphincter, and none of them came away without a loss. Eazy Doez it suffered thee losses (out of six games). Long Dongs lost one. Ghost Sphincter lost two.

Needless to say the rankings were shaken up a bit, with 2012 Bocce Champions making up the most ground, moving to second behind Long Dongs, on the strength of two wins against Ghost Sphincter, and maybe the hardest strength of schedule any bocce team has every played.

As always you can find all our league standings and statistics HERE.

At the Ukrainian Home, an epic battle for the Most Drunk award took place. Though there were many worthy candidates, the two favorites were Tim of Long Dongs who has a birthday this week and Andy of Amerika’z Most Wanted who has a wedding this week.

Many shots were had, and in the end Tim won the Most Drunk award. But Andy did not come away a loser, no, far from it, he came away drunk enough to challenge Rob from Kentucky Burbon to a dance off.

The winner of the dance off was undetermined. I like to think everyone won. I will say this about it though, Rob danced so hard he tore his pants. And yes, there is photographic evidence of this.