Week 2 Pre-Game & Rain Policy


Its kind of a cold rainy day.  The bocce commissioner weather machine says it will be 8 to 10 degrees warmer and dry when bocce starts, but if its not and you don’t want to play today, let me officially invite you to play tomorrow instead – same place same time!  We already have some games scheduled.

Here is the official Turbo Bocce Rain Policy.


You may have noticed that the stats are not up like they always are … there is a reason for that.  Mark Avery and myself got in a bad car accident coming back from bocce last week.  Luckily the scorecards were rescued … and also everybody is okay if you care about that kind of thing.  What didn’t get rescued was the notepad I write down who paid and who didn’t.  So even though I mostly remember, if you paid make sure to remind me so I can write it down again. Thanks!

Stats for both this week and last week will be up tomorrow!

As per the rules we agreed upon at the end of last season, if there is any standing water on the field that area will be marked out of bounds, meaning you can’t throw the pallino in that area (if you do the other team gets to throw instead) – but a shot can be thrown in the area, or a pallino can be knocked into the area without affecting the game in any way.

After bocce if you are a little cold and a little wet (though you probably won’t be with the 0% chance of rain and all) plan to stop into the Ukrainian Home where we will gather, socialize, and play some games!

A Mano restaurant has sponsored some Turbo Bocce Italian Fest teams and now they are in the running for best desert in Syracuse … go vote for them!!!

See you tonight!  Lets find some rainbows together!