Week 2 Recap

The sun came out for week two, so I guess my human sacrifice worked.

And all the bocce players got to show off for a special guest.

Casey, an SU journalism student decided to make a documentary about the Turbo Bocce league. The best part . . . she is going to send us all the video once she is done. I can’t wait to see it!

The Bounty team was originally set to be 2 Balls On Your Ace but Donna and Scott got to the field late so the back up Bounty team was selected (I later found out that Scott had a late night of work which he ditched early just to come play bocce, he was planning on returning to work after his game and after having a few at the White Water Pub, way to show dedication Scott!).

The replacement Bounty team was Smaczilla who faced off against the Big LaBocce for $40.

Everybody in the league needs to thank Smaczilla next week as they continued the trend of the bounty team winning. Therefore, the bounty will be $60 next week. Not bad for only week 3.

Some interesting notes from the bounty game. Tom and Cal of Smaczilla won the first two games, but Ryan and Jess of Big LaBocce won the third in an 11-0 shutout (which was a trend for the day). And Jess of the Big LaBocce scored 19 points, tying a rookie record for the league this year.

That kind of point total puts Jess in contention for the Rookie of the Year award, through right now she and everyone else is trailing Scott from 2 Balls On Your Ace who has an impressive two week total of 37.

Speaking of 11-0 shutouts, there were four this week, which might be a record. As I said, Big LaBocce beat Smaczilla 11-0 after losing the first two. Andy and Phil (team name TBA) are living up to their high expectations by taking two of three from the Knickerbooces, and taking the first game 11-0.

Monica and Kate of team Ball Busters won two of three against the Double A’s and won the first 11-0.

If you are paying extremely close attention to the weekly recaps (and lets be honest, why wouldn’t you) then you might have noticed that Kate and Erica’s team name was reported to be Team Tingle which was their team name last year. This is a mistake which needs to be retracted. This year Kate and Erica have re-branded themselves and their team with the name Opportunity Knocks (I’m not gonna name any names but the guy who writes these things really needs to get his head out of his ass). Anyway, Opportunity Knocks beat Beer United 12-0 in the third game (after splitting the first two) becoming the fourth team of the day to win in a shut out. And FYI, it only took them five rounds to get to 12 which in my book counts as a damn near perfect game.

The high scorer for the day (and for the season so far) was Tim Maynard who was the Turbo Bocce runner-up last year with a different partner. He had a huge day, scoring 23 points while his team (yet unnamed) won all three games.

Dan Hanley of Sweet Italian Bocce balls, came in second with 22 points for the day. His team also won all three games and is an impressive 6-0 for the season.

Bocce veteran Rob Calvani of Kentucky Bourbon had eight bocces on the day, and so did Carolyn (team yet to be named) in her first time ever playing in the league – very impressive Carolyn.

Dana from team Bushwackers and reigning bocce champion Scotti from team DaVinci both had good showings with 6 bocces. Phil Martino (team name to be announced) had a big all around day with 18 points and 7 bocces and his trademark 1 debocce. Interesting fact about this game, all four players, Phil and Andy (team TBA), and Sean and Josh of team Knickerbocces had at least 5 bocces. That must have been a crazy game.

Today was a big day for aces. Josh of team Kickerbocces had 3, as did Ashlee Amato of team Faccia Brutta. Jake (team yet to be named) had 3 aces on his first day in the league (while also leading the way with 4 debocces). While Carolyn had 2 aces to go along with her 8 bocces in her game against Ashlee’s team which had plenty of aces to go around, and maybe not surprisingly plenty of bocce’s too.

After the games White Water Pub had all kinds of good food waiting for us as usual, and celebrity bartender Barbara invented the See You Next Tuesday shot because people were inadvertently saying that phrase a lot and we were drunk enough to think it was funny. The shot involved 4 different liquors, one that starts with each of the letters of the word in question. It wasn’t as gross as you’d guess. If you are not too embarrassed, I recommend asking Barbara for one, she will give you a special deal on it.

The rest of our pics are on our facebook page which you can find HERE.