Week 3 Recap

It looks like we are finally getting some of our old mojo back where the whether is concerned. It rained all day on Tuesday, until bocce time, when the skies cleared and the sun came out. This is the kind of thing that veteran Turbo Bocce members are used to, and I must say its nice to see things getting back to normal.

Week three is notable as it is the first time this year that someone from bocce won cash! Team DaVinci was selected as the bounty team, giving their opponents the BC Bocce Girls a chance to win sixty dollars.

The BC Bocce Girls were able to come through with a victory by winning the last two games after losing the first. By all accounts they were gracious in victory and bought Jim and Scotti drinks at the White Water Pub after the game was over – if you know Jim and Scotti at all you know they appreciate a free beer as much as anybody.

Next week the bounty total will be back to $20.

There were several really interesting games this week, but the most interesting of the bunch has to go to the match up between the New Bocce Order and Sweet Italian Bocce Balls. These two heavyweights needed extra bocce to decide all three games, in a marathon match up that lasted three hours. The final scores were 14-12, 14,-12, and 13-11, with the New Bocce Order coming from behind late in all three games to win. The two highest point scorers of the day both came from this game with Jim Whipple of New Bocce Order scoring 24, and Dan Hanley of Sweet Italian Bocce Balls scoring 23.

Before . . . and after.

Just two weeks ago I mentioned that Badger from team Salty Bocce Balls probably set a record by scoring 19 points in a week where he lost all three games. I am absolutely sure Dan Hanley has that record now, scoring 23 points despite not winning a single game. To put this in perspective, the all time record for points scored in any day is 26 which of course was set by a player who won all three games.

In other interesting point news, team Off Everyday played two games this week in order to catch up for a week they missed and Mark Avery showed amazing consistency by scoring 19 points and getting 6 bocce’s in BOTH match ups. Its pretty darn hard to put up 19 & 6 in a game, so doing it twice takes some pretty amazing consistency. It should put him right in the thick of the Rookie of the Year award given to the first year player with the most points.

Speaking of bocces, three people had double figure bocce totals this week, and a fourth had 9. The funny thing is all four of these players were playing in the same game! I wish I could have seen that one, they must have been playing very short and knocking things all over the place. The game involved the Bushwhackers and the Ball Busters. Tom of the Bushwhackers lead the day with 14 bocces, while his teammate Dana had 10. Monica of the Ball Busters had 11 bocces, while her partner Kate had 9. Its rare when anybody scores 9 or more bocces in a week, so to see it happen four times in one game is definitely one for the record books.

Jim Whipple who lead the league in points for the week also lead the league in aces with 5. A very impressive total considering how far he throws the pallino. I guess the Gods were on his side this week.

After the bar, a good time was had by all at the White Water Pub, where Andy Ingalls took home the covited George Christou award that is given out weekly to the best drinker of the night. As victor, a round of jager-bombs was bought in Andy’s name to celebrate his great achievement.

A whole bunch of pics are up on our facebook page HERE.

Check the website for full statistics because we finally have them compiled and ready to go.

Remember, there is no bocce at Onondaga Lake Park next Tuesday the 18th because of the corporate challenge, and our bocce festival is going to take place on Saturday the 22nd.