Week 3 Recap

Lets turn back the time machine to June 10th.

For the second week in a row everybody got a free shot compliments of Sharkey’s. I definitely think we should enjoy that little perk while it lasts.


In some other extranious news, our field took another step in the right direction as it got sprayed for mosquitos and poison ivy, making for an extremely comfortable, irritant free environment. A big thank you is due Allison Bodine and Mike Aylesworth for their help with the poision ivy removal.

The weather was great and there was lots of bocce played, so lets get to it.

Steal Your Face was the first bounty team named, and as such they were charged with protecting a $40 bounty for the rest of the league. They went up against Some Innuendo who won all three games to become just the second bounty winners of the season so far. All three games were close, with the second two going into extra bocce, but in the end Julie Gilbert and Keith Currerri of Some Innuendo put together a balanced performance with Julie scoring 21 points to go with 6 bocces and Keith putting in 19 points and 2 bocces, to get the wins. Jeff and Mike fought bravely though, scoring 8 points in the first game, and forcing extra bocce in both of the last two, losing 13-10, and 15-12.


Stealth Fox 3 was the second bounty team selected. They went up against Under My Ella in a fight for $20 that came down to the bitter end. Under My Ella won the first game convincingly, 11-2, but Stealth Fox 3 teid things up in the second game with an 11-8 victory. The decive third game went was extremely close, and required extra bocce to determine a winner. In the end the bounty team emerged victorious (as has happened so often this year) with Stealth Fox 3 eeking out a 13-11 victory to save the bounty money for the rest of the league and push the second bounty prize up to $40 for next week.


Onto individual accomplishments.

The 20 point club had seven members this week, with 21 seeming like the number to score for whatever reason.

Bill LaBrake of Eazy Duz It lead the way with 23 points – he is killing it so far this year.

The following five players all scored 21 on the day:

Ryan Pelkey of Breaking Balls

Scott Popp of Two Balls on Your Ace

Becky Szantai of Ball & Chain

Julie Gilbert of Some Innuendo

Paul Colabufo of Breakfast of Champions

Brett Okon “only” scored 20 points but deserves a special mention. This is his second week ever playing Turbo Bocce and he has scored 20 or more both times. I don’t think that has ever happened before. You have a great start towards the Rookie of the Year award Brett!


The five bocce club has five members this week, with Tom Wiegel of the Conquistadors leading the way with 7.

Joining him are:

Julie Gilbert of Some Innuendo with 6

Barb Dennehey of Knights of the Round Ball with 6

Bill LaBrake of Eazy Duz It with 5

Jeff McGann of Bocce Against the Machine with 5


Rob Mead of Puzzles leads the Multiple Ace club with 3. The following people all have two:

Sherri Walakis of Blonde Bocce Bitches

Heather Burgenbake of VR 46

Bryan Mullane of Los Moppines

Zach Parmely of Let the Big Dogs Eat

Joe Mead of Puzzles

John Albarichi of Sauce & Sand

Tony Cerro of One Eyed Fish

Brett Okon of Mission Imbocceball


The fun did not end after the bocce did . . . in fact the fun was just beginning . . . but the highlight of the night was last week’s George Christou Award winner, Tim Mayard, presenting this weeks award to Robb Jones, who can now add the George Christou Award to his rapidly growing trophy case that already includes last years championship trophy.  Robb Jones then went on to win trivia cash with Adam Wozniack who sung the National Anthem on our very first week of bocce and has won money from Sharkey’s playing trivia with different bocce members every week since.


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