Week 3 Recap

The bocce last Wednesday was more amazing than a frog who can sing and dance, but will only do it for you.

Any discussion of week 3 bocce must include at least a short discussion of the weather. I’m told it was under sixty degrees which is pretty cold for June, but the real problem was the wind, which was howling and very cold. I’d guess it was the coldest day we’ve had in the history of Turbo Bocce, but of course I’m not really qualified to make that statement, so lets send it over to our full time weather man, Ollie.

Thanks Ollie.

Despite the very un-summer like weather, 48 people came out to play our very summer focused game, and to me that’s awesome. Why let the weather stop us from having fun?

And oh by the way, the people who did come play, were awesome. Here are some highlights.

Belles of the Ball played Dolce and after losing a close first game 11-9, they were able to come back and win the next two games 11-4 and 11-9 behind Jeanne who scored 16 points, and Cheryl who had 15 points and 4 bocces including this one.

In other news, The Wing Ladies played Two Testies and a Microphone in their Wednesday league debut as a team. All three games were hard fought with lots of aces and even more bocces. In the end Two Testies and a Microphone were able to win the series behind 17 points, 4 bocces, and 3 aces from Greg Griffo, despite bocces like this one from Kathy which she and her partner Amy accomplished regularly throughout the match.

The game of the day was played between 6-0 Experienced Ball Handlers and 6-0 Thunderballz. The first game was as close as it gets with Thunderballz winning in overtime 12-10. In the second game, Experienced Ball Handlers came back strong wining 11-5. The decisive third game was won in decisive fashion by Thunderballz, who managed to hold on to first place in the league with an 11-6 victory.


You might be surprised to find that Thunderballz was able to win the match up despite Kenny making shots like this one.

The bounty game was also a great game played between Steve Miller and Make Bocce Great Again. Joe Murphy lead Make Bocce Great Again to a 13-7 first game win by scoring 8 huge points, and Make Bocce Great Again clinched the bounty prize early by also winning the second game 11-3. In the third game Steve Miller came back and earned a hard fought 11-8 win to prevent the sweep. Joe’s dog seemed happy to have won the bounty prize, and happy that his master scored 18 points.


Onto individual accomplishments; week 3 was a slow week for stand out individual performances and instead saw a lot of parity. Did the weather play a factor? Who knows? Here is our brief list of stand out performers.

20 Point Club (season high going into the week was 24)

John Bauman – Balls of Fury – 21

5 Bocce Club (season high going into the week was 10)

Amy Figger – The Wing Ladies – 6

Multiple Ace Club (season high going into the week was 7)

Greg Griffo – Two Testies and a Microphone – 3

Amy Figger – The Wing Ladies – 2

Sara Tully – Thunderballz – 2


They are your leaders for the week, and here are you leaders for the season.

BCS (We rank teams based on our BCS formula which is your winning percentage doubled plus your opponents winning percentage)

Thunderballz – 2.403

Merica – 2.333

Balls of Fury – 2.169

Two Testies and a Microphone – 2.167

Expert Ball Handlers – 2.079


Points Leaders

John Bauman – Balls of Fury – 57

Jake Alstadt – Thunderballz – 53

Ken Brenner – Experienced Ball Handlers – 53

Fab Avacolli – Gerry’s Kids – 48

Sam Pascarella – Where’s the Green – 48


Bocce Leaders

Kathy Parker – The Wing Ladies – 12

Jon Roche – TBD – 12

Courtney Razzante – Tiny But Mighty – 11

Autumn Calaprico – Mike & Autumn – 10

Ken Brenner – Experienced Ball Handlers – 10

Amy Figger – The Wing Ladies – 10


Ace Leaders

Amy Figger – The Wing Ladies – 9

Joe Murphy – Make Bocce Great Again – 4

Robb Jones – Ball of Fury – 4

Sara Tully – Thunderballz – 4

6 tied with 3


Turbo Round Wins

Paige Hoffman – We Came In Like a Bocce Ball – 3

15 tied with 1


Rookie of the Year (awarded to the rookie who scores the most points)

Fab Avacolli – Gerry’s Kids – 48

Lou Pascarella – Lou & Charile – 45

Parry Cerio – Bocce Brute – 42

Joe Murphy – Make Bocce Great Again – 39

Bronson Kopp – Make Bocce Great Again – 38

Steve Miller – Steve Miller – 38


If you didn’t see your stats, you can check all the team and individual stats HERE.

Here’s a deep thought to help get you through the week: They should put Prince on the $20 bill and call it 19.99, the Bill Formerly Known as Prince.

As always, there are more week 3 pics than we can fit in the recap. If you want to see them all, check our Facebook page HERE.