Week 3 Recap

I think we all know the drill by now. Every Tuesday it rains all day long. Then the sun comes out just in time for bocce, and somehow our field is bone dry. Same old same old.

Just a quick note. The stats we have up are current, there was just not a separate update for them. If you click on the Week 2 stats, it will show everything up through Week 3.

In on the field news, Omnipotence keeps the league lead in B.C.S. Rankings (out of the teams who have played all their games) but their lead shrinks as 2012 Bocce Champions (yes, that’s a team name) take the win/loss lead and shrink the B.C.S. gap.

2012 Bocce Champions player Rob Mead is now the Points leader for the year at 56. And DaVinci player, Scotti, finds himself in a familiar position as the league’s Bocce leader with 23.

The bounty this week was placed on team Chanae, whose players are maybe not surprisingly named Chad and Linnae, and they did the entire league a favor by winning. So the bounty for Week 4 will be up to $40.

Maybe the bigger story was the fact that Turbo Bocce found a new sponsor in the Ukrainian Home, who is normally closed on Tuesday’s, but decided to open their doors so they can give us a private party with free food and dollar beers. It’s a little hard to remember through my drunken haze, but I’m pretty sure a good time was had by all.

Here’s what the Ukrainian Home looks like in case you want to park there this Tuesday. They have a big parking lot that is a little closer than Rosie’s is.

One more note on the Ukrainian Home. We have a lot of space there, and a lot of possibilities. I’d love to hear some thoughts on how we can improve the experience. My thought was trivia. Would anybody be interested in doing trivia there? Any other ideas on how we can have the most fun at Ukrainian Home will be most welcome.

I wanted to include some pictures of the Ukrainian Home in this Recap, but all I have are old pictures from the indoor bocce league we did their a year ago, so those will have to suffice. In case you dont recognize the place, these pictures are taken from the upstairs which we did not use last time, but can use any time we want. Maybe they will spark a few creative ideas on what can be done with the space.

view from the balcony

Former bocce champs The Hippies

Everybody excited about our smoke-filled bubble machine

Beer pong and Karaoke in the background

Both indoor courts

the stage