Week 4 Recap

We had a rainy Tuesday as has been the norm of late, but from five to nine (coincidentally the exact time we are playing bocce) the sun came out and it got warm enough for us to really enjoy the breeze blowing off the lake. The weather might not be great so far this summer, but during bocce the sun is shining.

The bounty game was a good one this week. Greg and Brian of the Moppines was selected as the bounty team. They played newly renamed team Busting Balls who nicely decided to change their name on the fly once I told them that they picked a team name (Ball Busters) that another team in our league already had.

Here is a picture of the Moppines with their ceremonial mop to mop up the competition.   Did I say mop enough?  Mop.  Actually this is a towel, and moppine is Italian for towel (or maybe dish rag?) so there you go.  Don’t say you never learned anything from these recaps.

After a hard fought three games the Moppines came away with two wins. Thus the bounty team proved victorious, which has happened every week this year so far with the BC Bocce Girls being only exception. So next week the bounty amount will be up to $40.

It was a good day for individual accolades, as several people put up big stats. Jim Whipple of New Bocce Order continued his hot play by putting up a week high 21 points on route to three wins against Kentucky Bourbon, the third place team from last year. Jim I believe is leading the league in points and his team is leading the BCS standings. An impressive accomplishment.

I’m pretty sure this is a picture of Jim Whipple since he has a feather in his hair.

As good as Jim’s week was it may not have been the best. Sandy Colabufo of Omnipotence put up 20 points and 10 bocces in a three win performance. His partner Don put up 17 points and 10 bocces in a game that filled the stat books for both teams – interesting side note, there were 37 bocces in this one game, twenty between Sandy and Don, and 17 between Allison and Angela of team Double A’s who put up impressive stats themselves. Allison with 13 points, 8 bocces, 3 aces, and 3 debocces, and Angela with 14 points, 9 bocces, 1 ace, and 1 debocce. I have a feeling ESPN radio will want to hear about this!

Tom was very excited about all the great bocce being played in week 4.

Allison of the Double A’s wins the award for most aces on the day with 3.

The stellar performances don’t stop there. Andy Ingalls of team South Beach had 20 points and 5 bocces in a three win performance (against Syracuse Bocce Blast winner Tim Maynard’s team, so you know this was a hell of an accomplishment) and his partner Phil had 16 points and 15 bocces – hard to beat a team that keeps knocking your points out. Phil’s 15 bocce’s are a season record, and only one off the all time single day record of 16 set last year by Ashlee Amato of team Faccia Brutta.

One last really great performance came from Jessi Hughes of the Big LaBocce who put up 19 points and 3 assists giving her the highest total for a rookie for the week.

Hammer also had a fantastic week with his replacement partner Silver, scoring 19 points and winning two games to prove he is not over the hill.

After bocce was over we headed to the White Water Pub as always for more food and drinks, and of course, to hand out the coveted George Christou award to the most drunk person.

Usually the bartender gives this award out, but this week we added a twist. George Christou himself chose the winner. He chose Andy Ingalls of team South Beach, and I have to say it was a fitting choice given the number of shots he bought me and the rows of shots that were lined up in front of him all night. Andy is our first back-to-back George Christou award winner this year!. Congratulations!

If you want to see more pictures than I have up here, check our facebook page HERE.