Week 4 Recap

I always love it when guests stop by to visit – mostly because I love showing off the great thing we’ve got going on. In this respect week 4 was a great week, because a ton of cool guests came around to check out what Turbo Bocce is all about.

Our first guest was none other than Turbo Bocce’s unofficial mascot Sanguine French who appeared in full regalia to both entertain and mystify the bocce players he spoke with.


My personal favorite picture is of Sanguine giving current Turbo Bocce champion Robb Jones bocce advice.


If you were patient enough to stay until the second half of the night, two very special guests came to pass out free Jagermeister Root Beer shots.


They also handed other random swag like tee shirts, wrist bands, and hats.


We’ve got to do more of this.

The best story of all came from our latest arrivig guests.


This group came all the way from Rome, NY (home of the Tocalana Club and the World Series of Bocce) to check our league out. I wish I took more pictures, or at least a better one, but unfortunately this piss poor pic is all we have.

This group came because of one Turbo Bocce member who deserves a special mention. Josh Griffo lives in Rome, and has made the commitment to drive to and from Syracuse every Tuesday to take part in our league. As far as I know this is the farthest anybody has ever driven on a weekly basis to participate – and its even more cool to know that he leaves the bocce crazy city of Rome to come to Syracuse to play bocce with us.

Josh has also been spreading the Turbo Bocce gospil in his home town, and he must be doing a great job of it, because a large goup of people made the trp from Rome to check things out and play an exhibition game.


Of course the guests who stopped by were not the whole story. There was also some great bocce played, and several players who had accomplishments that deserve recognition.


Lets start with the 20 point club.

Justin McLaughlin lead the way with a huge 24 point outburst. That’s one point short of the season high and two points short of the all time high, if you were wondering.

Christos Christou of Beauty and the Beast put up 23.

Eric Szantai of Ball & Chain had 22.

Bryan Mullane of Los Moppines and Oscar Ordonio of Conquistadors both scored 21.

And finally, Colin Donahoe of Droppin Balls had 20.

Onto the 5 bocce club – I have a lot to write about here because there were a LOT of bocces –

Ed Burgsbakn of VR 46 had a season high 12 bocces, which is four short of the all time record for most bocces in a day.

Don Adamczyk of Omnipotence, Barb Dennehy of Knights of the Round Ball, and Bobby Lupi of Bocce Against the Machine have to settle for a second place tie this week eve though each had 7 bocces which would lead the league on a normal week.

Scotti Fracescotti of DaVinci and Bryan Mullane of Los Moppines had 6 bocces a piece.

And Ed’s partner, Heather Bugsbaken of VR 46 had 5 bocces herself (17 team bocces is definitely a season high), and so did Mark Avery of The Bocce Bunch, Sean Hughes of the Knickerbocces, and Kriste Tuper of The Mean Girls.


We also had a lot of aces this week.

Becky Szantai of Ball & Chain lead the way with 4, while Don Adamczyk of Omnipotence, Kary Ann of Double D’s, Chirstos Christou of Beauty and the Beast, and Heather Burgsbaken of VR 46 all had 3.


Black Jesus was the first Bounty team selected and they played DaVinci with $20 on the line (after Some Innuedo won the Boutnty prize money the week before).

Black Jesus started strong, winning the first game 13-3. Their middle was strong, winning the second game 13-0, and they finished strog as well, winning third game 11-3. That’s why they are in first place. So the bounty was protected and will move up to $40 for next week.


The Mean Girls were the second bounty team chosen, and they played Vigina Bombs with $40 on the line. Much like the first bounty game, the bounty team started off strong, winning the first game 12-0. The second game was more competitive and required extra bocce, but The Mean Girls won 12-10. The Vigina Bombs won the third game 11-4 making it a pretty even comptetition overall, but The Mean Girls did protect the bounty, meaning there will be a $60 bounty prize up for next week.

So far only two teams have won money, making it seem like its good luck to be the bounty team, but that’s okay, it just means that the cash prizes will be bigger.


After bocce was over, last week’s George Christou award winner gave out this week’s award to Siobhan Christou, and I have to say its nice to see the woman who married the man the award is named after win the thing.


As always, there are tons more pictures on our Facebook page, and as always you can trash talk or schedule a game for yourself on our forum.