Week 4 Recap

When you sit back and think about it, we’ve got it really good. Tons of people getting together to play a fun game. Lots of cheap beer and shots. A huge green space in the city to use however we want. A bar to go to afterwords that charges as little as $1 per drink. The sweetest trophy around. Cash prizes.

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Those are the generalities, of course, lets get into the specifics. Have you ever seen 104 people outside in the rain playing some kind of sport before? Probably not. It doesn’t usually happen that way. Here’s what it looks like. We’ve already had more rain than we’ve ever had in a year before.  I say we embrace it.

Check out this sweet highlight from the game between Spigets and Kiss My Ace where they are using our super fancy auxiliary bocce balls. Quick history lesson: we used to use them for all our league games, but they broke easily. There are only two sets left. Ryan Stanton from Spigets makes a good shot, kicking the pallino out towards his team’s ball, but despite the great shot the veteran team had too many tricks for the rookie team and Kiss My Ace won all three games.

Theos has come in as a rookie team and played really good competition while performing well. This time they took on veteran team Eazy Duz It, but perhaps took them on at at right time, as it was Eazy Duz It’s first game of the season. Theos took 2 out of the 3 games, behind shots like this one from Matt Wieczorek.

The Dog Brothers, our defending champs, started the year off slow (by their standards) with a 2-1 week, then two missed weeks of playing. In week 4 they came back strong playing twice against two good teams and going 6-0. This shot by George Christou against last week’s #1 team Jeff & Tina will show you why they won big. Yeah they are good.

Another battle between two top teams occurred when Twinning played Some Innuendo. Twinning won the series 2 games to 1, and getting 10 that’s right 10! team aces sure helped a lot (Jess and Siobhan each had 5). Some Innuendo had been wiping the floor with every team they played but its almost impossible to beat a team that’s throwing an ace every time – unfortunately I got none of them on film. I did happen to catch this nice shot from Siobhan though. FYI, Twinning played two games on the day, and Siobhan had an amazing 9 aces in those two games, and is now running away with the race for most aces on the year.

Onto Individual Stats:

20 Point Club

Monica Angelosanto – G & T’s – 21

Bobby Lupi- Bocce Against the Machine – 20

George Christou – Dog Brothers – 20

You may recognize Monica Angelosanto from the top of all our individual leader boards.

5 Bocce Club

Phil Martino – Dog Brothers – 8

Danielle Guiffre – Danielle & Tony – 6

Monica Angelosanto – G & T’s – 6

Mike Burkett – Burkett – 6

Jess Blake – Twinning – 5

George Christou – Dog Brothers – 5

Kim Pomeroy- Blonde Bocce Bitches – 5

Kevin Curreri – Salty Bocce Balls 2.0 – 5

Ryan Stanton – Spigets – 5

Joe Murphy – Make Bocce Great Again – 5

Jim “Hammer” McCarthy – Beer United – 5

Julie Gilbert – Some Innuendo – 5

Paul Colabufo – Breafast of Champions – 5

Three stacks of bocce games on various hill gradations.

3 Ace Club

Siobhan Christou – Twinning – 5

Jess Blake – Twinning – 5

Siobhan Christou – Twinning – 4

Tim Maynard – Tuesday Night Lights – 4

Jess Blake – Twinning – 3

Monica Angelosanto – G & T’s – 3

Phil Martino – Dog Brothers – 3

Jeff McGann – Bocce Against the Machine – 3

Andy Thompson – Breakfast of Champions – 3

Jim “Hammer” McCarthy – Beer United – 3

Andy played great, almost as if inspired by some kind of higher power?

Monica Angelosanto is a bigger superhero than Captain Caveman . . . I haven’t been keeping up with superheros lately, he’s still the most popular one, right?

Its that time in the year when we start recording Rookie of the Year statistics. For the record: if you lead all first year players in scoring then you win the Rookie of the Year award!

Rookie of the Year Standings

Matt Wiescorek – Theos – 57

Marty McDurmott – Theos -52

Nicole Vandusen- Dangerous Duo – 44

Chris Fullmer – Dank Craft ADK – 43

Nick Cortes – Draggin BallZ – 43

The shot of the week goes to Boutros Abu who had the tall task of trying to beat Seek and Destroy. He definitely did his best on this shot, hitting the pallino dead on and following it up with his ball.

One bit of news: Tuesday the 20th (tomorrow) we are going to be playing Jeopardy at the Ukrainian National Home after bocce is over. We’ve got a real set and everything! Three people will be chosen at random to play and answer questions and everybody in the building will be assigned to one of their three teams. If your player wins then you get a prize! We’ve had lots of fun doing this in the past, and I’m super excited for it. Even if you miss bocce, I recommend showing up at the Ukrainian Home at 8:30, that’s when we will select the Jeopardy players. And for those whose games go long, the actual Jeopardy game won’t start until 9.

One last bit of advice to hold you over until next week: Did you know that Phil Collins hates Weird Al Yankovic, and decided to write a song that would be impossible for Weird Al to parody? The song he came up with is Sussudio.