Week 4 Recap

Yet another sunny day in the world of Turbo Bocce with the only turmoil coming from a disagreement over which of our two fields should have kegs on them (a vote is upcoming by the way, if you do not get an email about it send your email address to paul@turbobocce.com).

In on the field news, Omnipotence remains the top BCS rated team that has played all its games by going 3 – 0. Even though Team Schwag, 2012 Bocce Champions, and Droppin’ Balls have all equaled Omnipotence’s 9-3 mark.

Who would have thought before we moved to co-ed that almost half way thought the season a girl would be the league point leader? Its true though! Julie Gilbert, who coincidentally was the first woman to ever throw a bocce ball in our league, is now leading the league in points with 71. You go girl.

In week 4, nobody scored 20 points, but several people had 19. Sherri of team Femme Fatales, Scott of Team Schwag, Sandy of Omnipotence, and Paul of Ghost Sphincter all tallied 19 for the day

By the way you can see all the updated stats here

The bounty team failed to show up so next weeks prize is a whopping $60! This also taught me a very valuable lesson, which is to always pick a back-up bounty team.

Week 4 was also a week for bocce innovations.

In a heavy-weight match up of the only two teams who have won a championship and are still playing together, Amerikaz Most Wanted went up against Black Jesus and Andy Ingalls of Amerika’z Most Wanted became the first bocce player to “Ice” another bocce player right before a game.

In case you dont know, if you hand someone a Smirnoff Ice they have to get down on one knee and chug the whole thing down unless they already have one on them, in which case you have to get down on one knee and chug both their Smirnoff and yours.

George and Phil of Black Jesus were forced to chug huge bottles of Smirnoff Ice right before playing a bocce champion. How did it affect their game? They went out and won the first game 11-0. Apparently Smirnoff Ice gives them super powers. I’ll be interested to see if anybody tries this tactic again.

The second innovation came at the Ukrainian Home where our personal bartender Mark (who now plays in our league, then runs off to the Ukrainian Home to serve us beer all night afterwords) is choosing somebody each week to win the coveted Most Drunk award. Whoever wins the Most Drunk award gets a medal to wear for the week and a free shot.

This week’s very worthy winner is Mark Streiff of Break and Balls. Congratulations Mark, you just made Bocce History!