Week 5 Pre-Game

Its time for something special … take a minute and look at the Turbo Bocce logo …





Notice that its a bocce ball and a beer bottle.  Given our logo, its time for more beer at bocce, don’t you think?  New beer, good beer, FREE BEER.

Thanks to Scott Mead (seriously, thank him when you see him) we are ready to provide.

Let me be the first to welcome Naked Dove brewing …

And Young Lion Brewing …

to Turbo Bocce

These are both REALLY good up and coming breweries looking to break into the Syracuse area, and thus eager to show off what they can do to the best drinkers in the city … us, of course!

My suggestion to you is to Uber to the bocce field today … then get drunk, quit your job, go on a bender, kill a prostitute and hide the body in your trunk … you know what, now that I think about it, you don’t have to do all that, just do the first part with the Uber.


Sunny and upper 70’s!  We are killing it this week!


I feel like most weeks this should be the shot of the week … somehow its not this time …

double hit

Legit shot of the year candidate right here!  For those scoring at home this is an Ace, a Bocce, and two points for white!



Bocce tip of the day … see that video above???  Do THAT!

See you at the field!  Lets create some memories!