Week 5 Recap

Having missed week 5 to go on my honeymoon, I’m sure there are some details I don’t know about, but there are also some things I do know, like who to thank – its a long list.

Greg Griffo stepped up and set up all the bocce equipment (which is not a small job), and then collected all the money.

Josh Griffo, and Jim Whipple (along with Greg) did the lion’s share of the cleaning up at the end of the day.

Julie Gilbert took pictures despite what I hear was quite a torrential downpour, so I could spice up this article with some pics.

photo 3 (6)

Anson Zeppetello ran the bocce portion of Sharkey’s “Shark Olympics” to help spread the word about Turbo Bocce.

And last but not least our DJ Jimmy Del Fuoco was a huge trouper playing music for everybody ever minute that it was possible.

We all owe each of these people a big thank you for making sure bocce could be played, and the league ran just as smoothly without me as it does with me.

photo 2 (3)

Since, for obvious reasons, I don’t have any personal anecdotes, lets get straight to the stats.

20 Point Club

Scott Popp from Two Balls On Your Ace lead the week in scoring with a huge 24 points (one off the season high). I guess the rain does not bother him.

Brett Okon from Mission Imbocceball had a big scoring week as well with 23 points.

Justin McLaughlin of Blue Balls continued his hot shooting with a 22 point week, and Joe La Celle from Stealth Fox 3 joined him.

Christos Christou of Beauty and the Beast is becoming a regular member of the 20 Point club, he scored 21, as did Nick Pascarella from The Mary Janes.

Pat Pascarella from Under My Ella scored 20.

photo 1

5 Bocce Club

Dan Butler from Ball Don’t Lie lead a huge group of people to get 5 or more bocces on the day. He had 8.

Justin McLaughlin from Blue Balls complimented his 22 points with 7 bocces. Andy Ingalls from Amerika’z Least Wanted, and Boutros Abou from from Bushwackers also had 7.

Tim Maynard of Amerika’z Least Wanted, Colin Donahoe of Droppin Balls, Scotti Francescotti of DaVinci, Christos Christou of Beauty and the Beast, and Kristen Tuper of The Mean Girls all had 6 bocces on the day.
Robb Jones of Mark & Robb, Mike Aylesworth of Droppin Balls, Ashley Dart of Sharp Shooters, Billie Faulkner (as a sub) on Sharp Shooters, Sam Ackerman of Beauty and the Beast, Rob Calvani of Kentucky Bourbon, Kim Pomeroy of Blonde Bocce Bitches, Bobby Lupi of Bocce Against the Machine, and Rich Wilmot of Bushwackers all had 5 bocces on the day.

photo 2

Multiple Ace Club

Heather Cleveland of The Mean Girls had a season high 5 aces on the day. Congrats Heather!

Greg Griffo of Los Moppines was not far behind with 4 aces.

Jake Alstadt of Flailing Weasels, and Justin McLaughlin of Blue Balls both had 3 aces.

Brett Okon of Mission Imbocceball, Scott Popp of Two Balls On Your Ace, George Christou of Black Jesus, Nick Pascarella of The Mary Janes, Mike Geiss of Mike & Mike, and Chris Cleary of I Shaved My Balls for This? each had 2 aces on the day.

Bocce mascot Sanguine French taking it to the next level!

Bocce mascot Sanguine French taking it to the next level!

Feel free to fill me in on all the good stuff I missed out on in our forum (I would definitely like to hear a few stories), and make sure to check out all of Julie Gilbert’s fantastic pictures on our Facebook page.