Week 5 Recap

WARNING: 5 Weeks of Turbo Bocce will make you unspeakably awesome. Side affects include being able to: win a game of connect 4 in only three moves, cut through a hot knife with butter, count to infinity – twice, and start a fire by rubbing two ice cubes together. Houston will start calling you when they have a problem. You won’t be able to walk on water, but you will be able to swim through land.

A Dave Matthews related blip in the schedule made for a rather low turn out, but the 50 or so that did show up (even a few smarties who used bocce as a way to tailgete for the concert) were treated to perfect weather, and some great bocce. But before I get into all that, I want to talk about a special tournament. If you are not traveling this 4th of July weekend, perhaps you want to kick your holiday weekend off right with a blind-draw, all you can drink, sand bocce tournament. We are going to be playing in the sand at Sharkey’s at 2 pm July 2nd. They are providing prizes for the winners, and, if you want to drink all day the cost is $30 for as much draft beer and jungle juice as you want.

Now how about we run a contest for free tickets . . . if you want to win you have to answer at least one question correctly in a game I just invented called “Celebrity or Other Thing.”

In this game I give you a name or phrase and you decide if its a celebrity name or some other thing. If you win you get free admittance into the July 2nd bocce tournament which I’m going to value at one million emotional rubles. Lets start.

Question: Is Brook Shields?

A: An actress

B: A way in which a small stream might protect itself

C: All of the above

Before I give you the answer, lets talk bocce. Team Twns Arnold and Devito took on Cornudo In a three game series with some twists and turns. Twins Arnold and Devito won a close 11-8 contest in the first game, and took the series convincingly with a dominating 12-2 victory behind 7 big points from Louis Pascarella. In the third game Cornudo won big, 11-3, to salvage the series.

Now back to the contest question . . .

Answer: B. The actress spells her name Brooke Shields.

Maybe the best game of the day was played between Gone Fishing and Murphy Pour. Two of the three games they played went into overtime. The first game of the series was the only one that didn’t, and Gone fishing won that game 11-6. In the second game Murphy Pour managed to come back and win in overtime 12-10 thanks to 8 big points from John Murphy. The series was decided in the third game, which also went into overtime. John Murphy scored 8 points again, but this time Gone Fishing was able to squeak out a 12-10 win, mainly thanks to Dino Franceschi who bocced Murphy Pour out five times. Gone Fishing wound up with two wins despite a huge 20 point and two ace performance from John Murphy.


Next Questoin . . .

Questoin: Is Christian Bale

A: The lead actor in the movie American Psyco

B: A company someone might form one day to get worshipers of Jesus out of jail while they await trail.

C: All of the above.

Sons of Sicilian Sam played a fun game against Belles of the Ball. In game one, Sons of Sicillian Sam got the win behind 7 points from Tim Tramontana. The second game was all Belles of the Ball, and all Jeanie Ulrich who scored 9. The series came down to a decisive third game which was won by Sons of Sicillian Sam 11-6, despite shots like this one below from Jeanie.

Now back to the contest question . . .

Answer: A. A company that gets Christians out of jail would be Christian Bail.

The bounty game was a strange one this week, because I happened to be playing in it (which has never happened before). After Deb and Patty Cerio agreed to play be Deb had her choice of scorecards and with great care she managed to pick the right one . .. lucky #2. I didn’t want to keep the bounty prize for myself so we agreed before hand that Deb, Patty, and my partner Greg would split the bounty. Our games were fun and involved a lot of bocces on both sides. Mostly with the pattern of me throwing a ball in, either Deb or Patty bocceing out my shot, and then my partner Greg Griffo bocceing out their shot. My team, Two Testies and a Microphone managed to win all three games, and Greg Griffo was the start with 21 points and 8 bocces, but Deb and Patty earned their bounty prize with shots like the one below.

Next Questoin . . .

Question: Is Holly Berry?

A: An actress who was in a bunch of X Men movies

B: A small red fruit on a plant most often displayed around Christmas time

C: All of the above


Answer: B. The actress spells her name Halle Berry

Lets move on to individual stats now.

20 Point Club (season high going into the week was 24)

Beth Chiodo – Dolce – 21

Greg Griffo – Two Testies and a Microphone – 21

John Murphy – Murphy’s Pour – 20

Sam Pascarella – Where’s the Green – 20


5 Bocce Club (season high going into the week was 10)

Greg Griffo – Two Testies and a Microphone – 8

Dino Franceschi – Gone Fishing – 7

Michaela Clark – TBD – 6

Kathy Parker – Wing Ladies – 5


Multiple Ace Club (season high going into the week was 7)

Patty Cerio – Bocce Brute – 2

Louis Pascallera – Twins Arnold and Devito – 2

Charlie Abou – Twins Arnold and Devito – 2

John Murphy – Murphy Pour – 2

Mark Avery Claridge – Expert Ball Handlers – 2


Multiple Turbo Round Wins (season high going into the week was 2)

Kathy Parker – Wing Ladies – 2


Next Questoin . . .

Question: Is Tiger Woods?

A: A Golfer

B: A an area of dense trees you don’t want to walk through with raw meat

C: All of the above

Find out the answer after the season leader board.

BCS (we rank teams for the playoffs based on our BCS formula which is your winning percentage doubled plus your opponents winning percentage)

Two Testies and a Microphone – 2.333

Thunderballz – 2.167

Balls of Fury – 2.047

De- Boccery – 2.044

Bocce Beasts – 1.975

Points Leader

Mark Avery Claridge – Expert Ball Handlers – 82

Sam Pascarella – Where’s the Green – 82

Ken Brenner – Expert Ball Handlers – 80

Jason Nami – Bocce Beasts – 78

Andy Tramontana – Bocce Beasts – 77


Bocce Leader

Jon Roche – TBA – 19

Kathy Parker – Wing Ladies – 18

Angie Murphy – Murphy Pour – 15

Courtney Razzante – Tiny But Mighty – 15

Michaela Clark 0 TBA – 15

Greg Griffo – Two Testies and a Microphone – 15


Ace Leader

Amy Figger – Wing Ladies – 10

Joe Murphy – Make Bocce Great Again – 6

Mark Avery Claridge – Expert Ball Handlers – 6

5 tied with 5


Turbo Round Leader

Paige Hoffman – We Came In Like A Bocce Ball – 3

Kathy Parker – Wing Ladies – 2

Ken Brenner – Expert Ball Handlers – 2

Greg Griffo – Two Testies and a Microphone – 2


Rookie of the Year (given to the rookie with the most points)

Jason Nami – Bocce Beasts – 78

Louis Pascarella – Twins Arnold and Devito – 73

Fab Avicoli – Gerry’s Kids – 71

Kevin Lamson – Gone Fishing – 68

Patty Cerio – Bocce Brute – 64

If you didn’t see your stats you can check all the team and individual stats HERE.

Now back to the contest question . . .

Answer: C. Works equally well both ways.

So, did you get any of those right? If you did you win! Your prize is free tickets to our blind draw sand bocce tournament at Sharkey’s on July2nd. And if you didn’t get any of these right . . . you win too! There is literally no way for me to check who guessed right and who guessed wrong. Also, this is a free tournament to participate in, so this game was totally meaningless!

Don’t forget Sharkey’s 2pm, blind draw, sand bocce tournament. If you want to drink draft beer and jungle juice all day long the cost is $30. Or you can simply buy what you want. Sharkey’s will provide prizes for the winners. See you there.

Before you go, here is one piece of advice to hold you over until next week . . . In a barbershop with two barbers, choose the barber with the worst haircut.

As always there are more pics than we can fit on this recap. If you want to see them check our Facebook page HERE.