Week 5 Recap

Can you believe we’ve gone through 5 weeks already?

Thanks to Andy Thompson we’ve got tons of great pictures of this week’s games. I will put some of them up here but there are a bunch more on Facebook. If you haven’t checked out our Facebook page, you should, and you can, by clicking on this link HERE.

Our new bocce balls FINALLY came in. Making 16 shiny new sets in total – enough for 64 people to play at a time. Plus one extra special set as a surprise for Kate and Erica of Team Tingle who asked for pretty shiny bocce balls reserved only for them. It looks like all the new sets were enjoyed.

In on the field play, team Schwag took a commanding lead over the standings as the only 12-3 team in the league, and the BCS leader. Omnipotence, the league leader every week so far fell back with a 1-2 week.

In individual play, Paul of Ghost Sphincter and Phil of Black Jesus lead the way with 20 points a piece. While Badger of Julie’s Paulina and Badger’s Blue Balls took over the overall league points league.

All the league stats are available HERE.

The bounty this week was set at an all-time high of $60 dollars and placed on team SMACtion, who tried to defend that $60 for the rest of us against the Fighting Peacocks.

When interviewed, Garth of team SMACtion had this to say about the bounty being put on him. “Oh Mama I’m in fear for my life from the long arm of the law. Hang man is coming down from the gallows and I don’t have very long.”

Alas, the Fighting Peacocks emerged victorious and won their $60, becoming the biggest money winners the league as seen so far. Congratulations to them.

On the field play ended with a group effort to finish the beer. Keg stands were done. Then it was on to the Ukrainian Home who as always opens the doors of their private club only to bocce players, and provides us with one dollar beers as well as free food, darts, and pool.

Because Turbo Bocce just cant seem turn off our competitive mindset we now have ways to win glory by drinking at the Ukrainian Home. Every night our bartender Mark will choose one great drinker to give an award to. The award is very appropriately called the Most Drunk award. When you win you get a free shot, and we now have a medal for it.

This week the medal for Most Drunk went to Anson of Amerika’z Most Wanted. Who will win it next week?