Week 6 Recap

At 6 o’clock B.R. (before rain) the sun was shining and as you can see below, everything was fine and dandy in the Turbo Bocce universe. Notice the sun glasses . . . evidence that the sun was actually out at one point.

At about 7 o’clock we got hit with a rain storm and the scene at Onondaga Lake Park changed to looking something like this . . .

And that pretty much ended bocce for the night.

There was a mad scramble to clean up during the storm and I have to thank everybody who helped out, especially Jess Hughes who carried a cooler still mostly full with beer all the way to my car in the middle of the worst of the rain – way to kick ass.

Clean up went pretty well considering everything felt like a blur of wetness.  At one point I think people started loading two of every animal onto my car, but that might have just been the animals that were included as toppings on our pizza.

By 7:30 A.R. (after rain) there were only two games that picked back up (one phenomenal game between Sweet Italian Bocce Balls and Knickerbocce where every shot seemed to be either an ace or a bocce).

Since most games were stopped mid way through, we saved all those scorecards – and in some situations transposed them onto new dry scoresheets – so that when you come back to bocce next week they will be ready and waiting for you to pick up your game right where you left off.  I counted 12 games that got stopped mid way through.  Here is a list of them to remind you that some part of your game still needs to be made up.

BC Bocce Girls vs. 1 Eyed Fish

Martin & Joe vs. Neighborhood Balls

DaVinci vs. Yankee Clippers

BBB vs. Snakes on a Pallino

Landlords vs. Rolling Blackouts

Ball Busters vs. Ball Don’t Lie

New Bocce Order vs. Bushwhackers

Robb & Mark vs. Omnipotence

Busting Balls vs. Bocce Said She Was 18

Double A’s vs. Two Balls On Your Ace

Opportunity Knocks vs. SMACtion

Most of you are part way through the 3rd game, so it should not be too hard to finish that out and play a new 3 game set next week.

Despite the rain some games did reach completion.  Including the resolution of not one but TWO bounty matches.

The first, and original bounty game was played between the Landlords and Rolling Blackouts (two teams with very good records, 10-2 for the Landlords and 9-3 for Rolling Blackouts).  In this game the Landlords were the bounty team and Rolling Blackouts stood to gain $60.

You may notice from the above list that this is one of the games that did not finish.  However, the Landlords were able to win both of the first two games, thus resolving the bounty situation.  Therefore the first bounty will be played for a whopping $80 next week. Thanks Landlords.

The Teachers Union was our first ever second bounty team, and they played Bocce Balboa who stood to gain $20 if they won.

From what I saw this was a really hard fought game that came down to a  final and decisive 11-9 game 3, but in the end the bounty team’s opposition continued its bad luck and Teachers Union was able to defeat Bocce Balboa two games to one. Thus we will have one $80 bounty and one $40 bounty next week.

There was one player who joined the 20 point club today and that is Colin Donahoe from Droppin Balls whose team took two hard fought wins.  Jacob from Thunderballz came in second for the day with a strong 19 points and two wins against a very good Big LaBocce team.

Phil Martino from South Beach had both the most bocces on the day with 9 and the most aces on the day with 3.  Way to fill up the stat sheet Phil!

We also had a record tied today.   Oscar from the Landlords not only gave everybody the chance to win $80 next week,but he also scored 10 points in a singe game (which is mighty impressive since games are only played to 11) which ties an all time record.  Congratulations Oscar!

If you want to see more pictures of the dry half of our night, there are plenty of them on our facebook page, which you can get to by clicking HERE.