Week 6 Recap

From big money grudge matches to jealous bar owners, Week 6 had a little bit of everything, and we tried to capture as much of it as we could. As usual, we cant fit all the pictures we take here, but you can see all of them on our Facebook page HERE.

There were several big match ups this week, with big implications in the standings. One of the biggest match ups was former bocce champion, Black Jesus, going up against 2012 Turbo Bocce champion hopefuls Rob and Joe who aptly named their team 2012 Bocce Champions. To say this game was well played is an understatement. Take a look at how close every ball is to the pallino in the pic below. Very impressive.

Also of note in this game were the five Debocces made by Phil of Black Jesus, which is notable as a league high for most Debocce’s in a day. This feat is made even more notable by the fact that Phil’s team won all three games. Its one thing to win a game, but its quite another to win with balls. Clearly Phil is winning with balls. Congratulations.

Team Knickerbocces became the first team in quite a while to beat league leaders Team Schwag. Winning two of the three games in impressive fashion, and knocking Team Schwag from the number one spot, all the way down to the number two spot.

You can find all our league stats HERE.

DaVinci was named the bounty team and they went head to head against Julie’s Pallina and Badger’s Blue Balls with forty dollars on the line. DaVinci must have really wanted to help the league, because they won all three against a good team, that includes league point leader Badger. And Jim of DaVinci scored a whopping 23 points, which is the most points anybody has had in a week this year (in a 3 game set) while his partner Scotti had 12 big bocces.

In off the field news, Chris of Beer United was very well dressed.

After the bar we went to the Ukrainian Home, as always, where our bartender Mark named Greg from team Break and Balls Most Drunk. Much to his surprise. Hope your free triple shot tasted good Greg.