Week 7 Recap

The sun was blazing during week 7 but that did not stop a big crowd from showing up and playing some really phenomenal bocce that resulted in a few records being broken and a few historical happenings.

Lets start with the bounty teams.

Tony and Guy of One Eyed Fish were the first bounty team, and thus charged with protecting a large $80 bounty for the rest of the league against Kim and Sherri of team BBB.

BBB won the first game 11-8, and One Eyed Fish won the second game 11-8 so things were even as can be going into the decisive third game. I would say the third game was as close as it gets but I am going to reserve that phrase for describing what happened in the second bounty game. Nevertheless it was a very close game that came down to the very last shot. Which was eventually made by BBB who won 11-9, and took home the biggest bounty prize our league has given so far this year.

The second bounty game pitted Monica and Kate of Ball Busters against Chris and Zach of the Clydesdales with $40 on the line. Monica and Kate have compiled an impressive record this year and Chris and Zach are one of the more promising new teams to our league so this should have been a good match up, but in this case calling it a good match up probably does not do it justice.

The first game was a very close but fairly standard 11-9 win for the Ball Busters. In the second game things got interesting. This marathon game was the longest anyone has played this year. It stretched on and on, and when the dust settled the Ball Busters had won 16-14, and secured the bounty money. Just for good measure the two played a third excruciatingly close game which the Ball Busters won 13-8.

I’d like to take a closer look at the shear volume of points scored in this game. Chris and Zach had 16 and 15 points respectively despite not winning a game. To put this in perspective, scoring 33 points on the day should give you three wins (11 points in 3 games). The Clydesdales scored 31 and didn’t win any. Crazy. Think about that number of 33 again. It should be all you need to get 3 wins, but the Ball Busters managed to score 40!

And not only that, both Monica and Kate were equally on fire, because they scored 20 points each. This marks the first time in Turbo Bocce history that both teammates managed to score 20 points in the same 3 game set. Quite and accomplishment, and not one that is likely to be matched soon. Add a $40 bounty victory, and the fact that they beat a very good team, and the Ball Busters had themselves quite a day.

With both bounty teams defeated, Turbo Bocce gave out a total of $120, which is the most bounty money ever given out in a single day (eclipsing last year’s record of $100). That is the good news. The bad news is that both bounty prizes get reset to $20 for next week.

Going into this week Tim Maynard of Lord of the Balls and Dan Hanley of Sweet Italian Bocce Balls were tied for highest weekly point total of the year with 23. I have both good and bad news for Tim (and just plain bad news for Dan) 23 points is no longer a season high point total. Now its 24. The good news for Tim is that he broke his own record.

For whatever reason the day was ripe for twenty point scorers, and the 20 point club has never been so crowded. In addition to Tim scoring a season high 24 points, Matt Taranto of Rolling Blackouts scored 20 on his way to three wins, Badger of Salty Bocce Balls had 21 on his way to two wins, Bill Kaminski of team KPP had an impressive 21 points and 7 bocces to go with 3 wins, of course Kate and Monica of Ball Busters had 20 points a piece, and Jake of Ball Don’t Lie had TWO twenty point games – a 22 and 21 point game to be exact – sure one of them was a make up game from last week where he only needed to play the third match, but still, adding 43 points to your season total in one week is bound to make you rocket up the standings.

In case you weren’t counting, that’s 8 twenty point scorers, and there was actually one more making 9 for the week. I happen to be saving that one for last.

Colin Donahoe of Droppin Balls scored 20 points and had 5 bocces on his way to two wins. Impressive in itself, especially since it came against Greg Griffo of the Moppines who was knocking points out left and right with a week high 12 bocces, but it is what happened in Droppin Balls second win that made history – namely Colin and Mike managed to win the game 14-0.

For those who do not know, we call a 14-0 win a Buzz Saw. 14 is the most points you can possibly score in a bocce match (that does not go into overtime), and its incredibly tough to do. The only way to accomplish the feat is to score 10 points exactly and then have a 4 point round. I don’t know exactly how many Buzz Saw’s there have been in Turbo Bocce history, but its not many, my guess would be 4.

Tradition dictates that the team that loses 14-0 owes the Buzz Saw victors a shot and in this case the Moppine’s were gracious in defeat. They were also tough competitors because they bounced back from their 14-0 loss and won the third game.

As I said the bocce leader on the day (by far) was Greg Griffo of the Moppines who had 12. The ace leader for the day was Colin Donahoe of Droppin Balls who had 5 aces to go with his 20 points and 5 bocces. He beat out Tim Maynard who put 4 of his 24 points right on the pallino, and Josh Wheeler of team Knickerbocce who also had 4 aces.

After all that, I don’t want to forget that the New Bocce Order – the league’s first place team – played team South Beach – the league’s second place team – in a marathon game that involved many bathroom breaks and Jim Whipple of New Bocce Order complaining about adding in a nap rule.  In the end New Bocce Order won two games to one securing their strangle hold on first place.

There was even a Sanguine French sighting!  Bocce’s unofficial mascot is very mysterious because you never know when he will show up or what he will wear.  Hope you didn’t miss him this week.

At the White Water Pub the George Christou Award was given out ceremonially for the first time (meaning the winner would not get a free drink). Just so Colin and Mike of team Droppin Balls know, the award was suppose to go to one of them in honor of achieving the first Buzz Saw of the year, but the bar tender dropped the ball and did not get it out to them before they left. At the end of the night she returned it back to me in what was surely the lamest George Christou award ever.

Thanks to Matt Taranto there are lots of great pictures on Facebook. You can check them out HERE.