Week 7 Recap

After three weeks of rain, the sun returned to Turbo Bocce. I’ve never had a problem playing bocce in the rain, and in fact have had a lot of really fun rain games, but enough was definitely enough. Seeing the blue skies, the sun, and the bocce field packed with people made me realize just how much I was missing a typical summer day. I found myself really soaking in the sun and the summer, and having a blast.

Fun in the sun!

Fun in the sun!

As good as the weather was, the bocce was even better. There were a lot of games, and from what I saw those games were extremely competitive. I saw three teams come back from 8-2 down and and I saw Bowman and Whipple – last year’s record setting first place team – emerge from the mini slump they have been in this year by beating last year’s champions in all three games.

We also had two big money bounty games going on.

4 Balls Between Us were the first bounty team, and played Courtney & I with $80 on the line. 4 Balls Between Us defended the bounty ferociously winning the first two games 11-5 and 11-2, and continuing the run of success bounty teams have had this year. Courtney & I came back and won the third game which is good for their record, but unfortunately not enough to get them $80. This means there will be $100 on the line next week. This will equal our largest bounty of all time! Pretty exciting news.

4 Balls Between Us wins the first bounty game.

4 Balls Between Us wins the first bounty game.

One Eyed Fish was the second bounty team, and they were challenged with defending $60 against DaVinci. One Eyed Fish was slammed 11-2 in the first game, but bounty team luck kicked into high gear again, and they managed to win the second game 11-2. As always seems to happen when one team wins the first game by a big margin and the other team wins the second game by a big margin, the third game was practically even. Extra bocce was needed, but in the end One Eyed Fish won game three 13-11. This, of course, means that there will be both a $100 bounty and an $80 bounty next week. Not something you want to miss!

One Eyed Fish vs. DaVinci bounty game collaboration

One Eyed Fish vs. DaVinci bounty game collaboration

Let move on to individual accolades.

20 Point Club

Despite the large number of games played, there were not a lot of high scorers. I attribute this to the fact that the games were so even, nobody was able to dominate.

The concentration it takes to score 20 points and 8 bocces.

The concentration it takes to score 20 points and 8 bocces.

Still, Rob Calvani of Kentucky Bourbon, Tim Maynard of Amerika’z Least Wanted, and Mark Chambers of Utter Debocce managed to crack the 20 point club, each scoring 20 (and each helping their team to winning weeks against very stiff competition).

One of Mark Avery's 14 bocces.

One of Mark Avery’s 14 bocces.

5 Bocce Club

Kim Pomeroy of Blonde Bocce Bitches and Mark Avery of The Bocce Bunch lead the way with an impressive 9 bocces.

Even more impressive is that The Bocce Bunch played two games this week to catch up, and Mark Avery broke into the 5 bocce club, both times, with 5 in his first game and (obviously) 9 in his second game. Well done!

Scott Meat of Big La Bocce and Rob Calvani of Kentucky Bourbon both had 8 bocces. Rob’s 8 bocces went nicely with his 20 points, and he did it against Droppin Balls, last year’s second place regular season team. Impressive day for Rob.

Greg Griffo of Los Moppines took the overall season lead for bocces with 7 on the day. Sean Huges of Kickerbocces also had 7.

Mike Geiss of Mike & Mike, and Mike Weiss of Steal your face both had 5 bocces.

Check out the Ace in the distance.

Check out the Ace in the distance.

Multiple Ace Club

Justin McLaughlin set this season’s high mark for most Aces in a day with 6. This impressive performance also gave him the overall season lead with 12.

Angelo Isgro of Kiss My Ace also had a great day with 4 Aces.

Allson Bodine of Double A’s, Bobby Lupi of Bocce Against the Machine, and Joe LaCelle of Bocce Against the Machine each had 3 Aces.

Keith Currerri of Some Innuendo, Jake Alstadt of Flailing Weasels, Jim Lowrey of DaVinci, Chris Devins of Let the Big Dogs Eat, Vinny Briguglia of The Mary Janes, and Heather Cleveland of The Mean Girls each had 2 Aces.

Last year's Ace leader, Andy Ingalls had a big week winning 3 games.

Last year’s Ace leader, Andy Ingalls had a big week winning 3 games.

Season Leaders


Black Jesus: 2.244

Ball & Chain: 2.098

Breakfast of Champions: 2.081

Puzzles: 1.976

Utter Debocce: 1.953




Justin McLaughlin: 126

Angelo Isgro: 122

Joe LaCelle: 119

Becky Szantai: 118

Bryan Mullane: 118

Rob Mead: 118



Greg Griffo: 41

Ed Burgsbaken: 40

Mickey Morey: 33

Bobby Lupi: 31

Kim Pomeroy: 30

Phil Martino: 30

Bocce Physics!

Bocce Physics!


Justin McLaughlin: 12

Greg Griffo: 11

Becky Szantai: 9

Angela Morosini: 8

Angelo Isgro: 8

Heather Cleveland: 8

Joe Mead: 8

Joe LaCelle: 8

Mike Geiss: 8

Sanguine French visiting the league.

Sanguine French visiting the league.


There are tons of pics on our Facebook page, so make sure you check that out.

And make sure you check out our Message Board. Next week is our 8th week, meaning there are only 4 weeks left (including the make up week) to get all your games in. If you have to play two in a week or just want to make sure there is a game ready and waiting for you when you arrive at bocce you can plan a game in advance on our Message Board. Just sign in and leave a message on our Coordinate Games tab.