Week 7 Recap

Can you believe its week 7 already? The season is flying by, but that just means we’ve been having fun. I hope lucky number 7 brought you good luck on the bocce field, even though I know mathematically that 50% of you lost.

Our bocce has been rain free so far this year, which is 9 straight weeks when you include the preseason week and the make up week. On top of all that sunshine, the temperatures have been nice and hot which makes me want to take a look at who is hot in the standings.

I’ve got to start with Droppin Balls, who were 4-5 and languishing in the bottom half of the standings just two weeks ago. Since then they’ve played two very tough teams, Black Jesus (our defending champs), and G and T’s (who almost never lose all thee games in a series). In those two series, Droppin Balls improved their record to 10-5 and are now in 7th place in the league and rising fast. Check last week’s recap if you want to see how Droppin Balls beat Black Jesus. I’ll focus on this week’s match up against G and T’s.  Of the two teams I have to say that G and T’s were the more clutch, going 3-0 sudden death Turbo Rounds, but other than that the series was pretty much all Droppin Balls who won 11-5, 11-5, and 11-7 with Mike Aylesworth leading the way with 19 points.


Speaking of hot, Boccelicious has been flying up the standings themselves lately. I happened to play them last week and even though my team won two games of the three (barely) I got the feeling that Janet figured something out with the way she was rolling. Between that and Lisa’s consistently good play I figured bright skies were on the horizon for this team and my hunch was proven right this week when they beat Make Bocce Great Again (who was hot themselves going 7-2 in their last nine games) two games to one. Boccelicious won the first game big, 11-4. In the second they proved capable of winning a close one as they sealed the series victory with a 12-7 win. In the third game Make Bocce Great Again got back on track and won 11-9 thanks to a strong 8 point game from Tim Maynard.


Of course, I can’t have a discussion about hot teams without mentioning our leagues new #1 team, the Dog Brothers. They played last week’s number #1 Mark & Robb in an epic match up that I think stylistically favored the Dog Brothers. The first two teams were mirror images of each other with Dog Brothers winning huge, 11-2 and Mark and Robb only managing a point a piece. In the third game Mark & Robb showed that they are no push over and won big themselves 11-5 thanks to shots like Robb’s which you can see below. The two losses were enough to drop Mark & Robb from first to third, and vault Dog Brothers up from third up to first.

Amerika’z Most Wanted played Big LaBocce, and even though teams fall more into the “consistently good” category than the “hot” category I still want to touch on what happened. Big LaBocce won the first game 11-6, but Amerika’z Most Wanted turned things around in a big way, winning the second game in an 11-0 shutout (we haven’t had many of those this year, so its notable when it happens to a top team like Big LaBocce). The third game was much closer but Amerika’z Most Wanted managed to win it 13-8, taking the series 2 to 1.

The Russells had a great day, beating top rookie team Buff Ave Babes two games to one behind a huge day from Derrick Russell who scored 20 points and racked up 11 assists. The Russells won despite Caity Ferrarri making 10 bocces and her partner Jacque Stapleton making another 7. In a game with a whopping 31 bocces total, the one you can see below from Caity had to be the best. Watch how she knocks her own teams ball up into the pallino sending that shooting into a second of her teams balls, scoring two points. A lot of moving parts in that fantastic three point swing shot.

The Bounty game was played between Double A’s and Jeff & Tina and featured something that hasn’t happened yet this year, and may not have ever happened before . . . two players from opposing teams each scoring over 20 points. Lets do the math on this one. To score 20 points over 3 games you have to average just under 7 points a game. Obviously, since we only play to 11, its hard for a single player to score 7 points every game, and even harder for two players to do it in the same game since obviously one team has to score fewer than 11 points and lose. So how did it happen? Lets break it down.

Double A’s won the first game 11-9, with Allison Bodine scoring 6 points for Double A’s and Jeff Williams scoring 7 of Jeff & Tina’s 9 points. In the second game Double A’s won 12-10 securing the bounty prize. In that game Allison scored 7 and Jeff had 6. In the final game, Jeff & Tina won 13-10 with Jeff scoring 7 points and Allison scoring a whopping 9 points in a losing effort. Add all of this up and you get 23 points for Allison (one off a season high), 20 points for Jeff, a bounty prize for Double A’s, a tough loss for Jeff and Tina, and a great overall match up.


Onto individual accomplishments.

20 Point Club (season high going into the week was 24)

Alison Bodine – Double A’s – 23

Siobhan Christou – Twinning – 21

Dan Hanley – Ballz Deeper – 21

Tim Boesch – Chewbocce – 20

Jeff Williams – Jeff & Tina – 20

Derrick Russell – Russell – 20


5 Bocce Club (season high going into the week was 13)

Derrick Russell – Russell – 11

Caity Ferrari – Buff Ave Babes – 10

Jaque Stapleton – Buff Ave Babes – 7

Scott Popp – 2 Balls On Your Ace – 7

Paul Colabufo – Breakfast of Champions – 7

Meghan Sovocool – Dothrookies – 6

Kevin Evans – Rum Runners – 6

Maggie Goldych – S & M – 6

Dave Oliva – Schaffer BMW – 5

Jayson Gray- Kiss My Ace- 5


Multiple Ace Club (season high going into the week was 7)

Christos Christou – Schaffer BMW – 4

Dave Oliva – Schaffer BMW – 3

Angelo Isgro – Kiss My Ace – 3

Alison Bodine, Tina Paetow, Derrick Russell, Colin Donahoe, Mike Aylesworth, Monica Angelosanto, and Siobhan Christou – 2


Multiple Turbo Round Wins (season high going into the week was 2)

Angelo Isgro – Kiss My Ace – 3

Monica Angelosanto – G and T’s – 2

Season Leaders

BCS (We rank teams for the playoffs based on our BCS formula which is your winning percentage doubled plus your opponents winning percentage)

Dog Brothers – 2.125

Ralph Bocce-O – 2.114

Mark & Robb – 2.064

Los Moppines – 2.019

Ballz Deeper – 2.013


Points Leader (all time high is 200)

Greg Griffo – Los Moppines – 139

Robb Jones – Mark & Robb – 123

Tom Evans – Rum Runners – 123

Bryan Mullane – Los Moppines – 118

Dan Hanley – Ballz Deeper – 116

Game played around the trash and through the trees!

Game played around the trash and through the trees!

Bocce Leader (all time high is 82)

Kim Pomeroy – Blonde Bocce Bitches – 42

Jayson Gray – Kiss My Ace – 38

Caity Ferrari – Buff Ave Babes – 37

Angelo Isgro – Kiss My Ace – 34

Dave Oliva – Schaffer BMW – 33

Ace Leader (all time high is 33)

Jeff McGann – Bocce Against the Machine – 15

Dave Oliva – Schaffer BMW – 15

Anson Zeppetello – Amerika’z Most Wanted – 13

Christos Christou – Schaffer BMW -13

Monica Angelosanto – G and T’s – 11


Turbo Rounds Won (all time high is 10)

Monica Angelosanto – G and T’s – 6

Angelo Isgro – Kiss My Ace – 6

Scott Mead – Big LaBocce – 4

Jess Blake – Twinning – 3

16 tied with 2


Rookie of the Year (given to the rookie with the most points, all time high is 173)

Jon Szewczyk – I’m Gonna Bocce Your Mom – 104

Derrick Russell – Russell – 103

Caity Ferrari – Buff Ave Babes – 89

Katie Ives – Boccesaurus Rex – 86

Christina Hudson – Boccesaurus Rex – 83

Meghan Sovocool – Dothrookies – 83

If you didn’t see your stats you can check the stats for every team and person in the league HERE.

If you don’t stay after bocce and join us for a drink, you should, lots of fun stuff happens. Also there are awards to be won! Make sure you find Phil Martino after bocce each night because he’s going to be giving out the George Christou award for distinguished drinking every week.

This week the George Christou award goes to all around great lady Lauren Benack who is definitely the most fun person to drink with in the league, because she is now the only two time winner. Next time you see her buy her a drink.


One piece of advice to hold you over until next week . . . if you happen to play me at bocce and beat me I’m going to hunt you down like a dog. Since we know nobody ever hunts dogs, I guess what I’m saying is, if you beat me at bocce I’m not going to hunt you down.

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