Week 7 Recap

The temperature was 101 degrees which was the hottest its been in Syracuse since . . . ever, I’m told. All across the city, softball, kickball, volleyball and golf leagues were being canceled due to heat, but we bocce players are a hardier lot. We simply pulled our kegs into the shade and started playing.

As usual, we have more pictures on Facebook than I can fit here. If you want to see them click HERE.

On the field, former top team Ghost Sphincter only managed a 2-1 day, while new number one team Eazy Doez It went 3-0 to claim the top spot. It was an extra good day for Eazy Doez It as team member Bill scored 21 points making him the points leader for the day.

Team I’ll Have Another also continued their red hot play with yet another 3-0 week. And I’ll Have Another member Tom became the league’s point leader for the year.

You can check all the season stats HERE.

The bounty this week fell on team Break and Balls a very good team who played another very good team, Kickerbocce. It was a good game but in the end Break and Balls took the series 2-1, making it the fourth week in a row that the bounty team has won! You know what that means . . . next week the bounty prize is a record $80.

Afterwards, at the Ukrainian Home, former bocce champion Phil, of Black Jesus, proved his championship material once again by winning the coveted Most Drunk award.

The Ukrainian Home was also nice enough to hang an “Official Home of Turbo Bocce” sign which is just plain cool.