Week 8 Recap

Did you know that the word bocce is derivative of the Italian word baci, meaning kiss? I feel its appropriate, because bocce, at its core, is about contact. The most satisfying moments come when you touch the pallino or knock out the other team’s shot. One way or another we are all trying to earn that kiss when we play, and like a romantic kiss, bocce is can feel so simple yet so complicated.

This guy knows what I’m talking about.

Aint no particular sign I’m more compatible with, I just want your extra time and your, Kiss.

Things are pretty intense in the Turbo Bocce world right now. Eight weeks into the season (plus a make up week) and as many as a dozen teams have a very realistic chance at winning the regular season title. This logjam at the top of the standings has more teams than ever fighting harder than ever to earn that top spot, but the funny thing is, the harder teams fight the more they seem to slip – and amidst all of this, the margin between first and second is so razor thin that this week the first place team won all three games and dropped into second place anyway. It only took a couple of the teams they played earlier in the season losing.

The Dog Brothers came into the week as league leaders, and they matched up against the newcomers with the clever team name, Dothrookies. Dog Brothers won the first game 12-2, so its seems like they had an easy time of things, but that was not really the case. In fact, the Dog Brothers had to earn every point with great shooting – which they did like the two time champions they are. Phil Martino stepped up especially big with seven points and four bocces. In the second game it was George Christou who stepped up, carrying the Dog Brothers to an 11-1 win with nine points of his own. The third game was more representative of the way the game went, in that it was equally well played but very close. Eventually Dog Brother’s experience won out and they emerged with an 11-8 victory, but they really had to work for it. Check out this scoring shot from George, and make sure to notice how many of Dotherookies balls surrounded the pallino when he made it.

The Dog Brothers were in first place going into the week, but only a hundreth of a point separated them from number two, Ralph Bocce-O. When the margin is that slim almost anything can change it. In this case, the Dog Brothers won all three games but a couple of teams they played earlier in the year lost, and that was enough to drop their strength of schedule that hundreth of a point it took to put Ralph Bocce-O into first place instead. Obviously, Ralph Bocce-O had to win all three of their games, which they did, 11-7, 11-4, and 13-6 against Russells, with Rick Heffernan leading the way with 20 points and two aces.

As a consolation the Dog Brothers won their first ever Bounty Prize, but I think they’d probably rather give the money back and stay in first place.

Los Moppines is one of those teams in striking distance of first place and they matched up against newcomers Melissa & Ariel. We have a strong rookie class this year, capable of competing with and beating the vest best in the league, and Melissa & Ariel proved that in the very fist game when they upset Los Moppines 11-7 thanks to shots like the one you can watch below from Melissa. In the secod game Los Moppines got back on track, just missing a buzz saw and winning 13-0. Los Moppines won the decisive third game and the series 12-4 behind 7 pionts, 2 bocces, and 2 aces from our league’s leading scorer Greg Griffo.

Another team within reach of the top spot is Rum Runners who went up against Boccelism. This was a classic clash of styles with Boccelism preferring to play very short and Rum Runners preferring to play long. Boccelism was on fire in this game, and able to control the pallino most of the time, which so often can mean the difference between winning and losing. They got a clean sweep winning 11-2, 11-7, and 11-6 behind sweet bocces like this one from Mike Weiss.

In another great game between an experienced team and a rookie team, Salty Bocce Balls took on Boccesaurus Rex. Salty Bocce Balls came out strong winning the first game 11-4, but in the second game Boccesaurus Rex came back, winning12-8 behind shots like the one you can see below from Christina. The third game was extremely close with Salty Bocce Balls ultimately squeaking out the game and series victory with a 12-10 overtime win.


One of the best aspects of Turbo Bocce is its diversity.  Instead of the same shot over and over you can change it up.  People regularly play uphill, downhill, around trees ,trashcans  . . . and every once in a while you might even have to bank your shot off another person.  We’re Gonna Bocce Your Mom beat DaVinci three games to zero, and this ace by Jon is probably one of my favorite bocce shots ever.

Onto individual accomplishments.

20 Point Club (season high going into the week was 24)

Rick Heffernan – Ralph Bocce-O – 20

Josh Wheeler – Knickerbocces – 20

George Christou – Dog Brothers – 20

Caity Ferrari – Buff Ave Babes – 20


5 Bocce Club (season high going into the week was 10)

Dave Oliva – Schaffer BMW – 13

Kevin Evans – Rum Runners – 10

Ashleigh Green – Chewbocce – 9

Josh Wheeler – Knickerbocces – 9

Tim Boesch – Chewbocce – 7

Caity Ferrari – Buff Ave Babes – 7

Paul Colabfuo – Breakfast of Champions – 7

Tina Paetow – Jeff & Tina – 5

Jeff McGann – Bocce Against the Machine – 5

Emily Cummings – Alcoballics – 5


Multiple Ace Club (season high going into the week was 7)

Justin McLaughlin – Blue Ballz – 3

Starr Landers – S & M – 3

Jon Szewcyzk, Heather Cleveland, Siobhan Christou, Rick Heffernan, Morgan Smith, Greg Griffo, Lisa Lippoldt, Nicole Morales, Mike Weiss, Jeff Weiner, Jacque Stapleton, Dave Oliva – 2


Multiple Turbo Round Wins (season high going into the week was 3)

Allison Bodine – Double A’s – 2

Justin McLaughlin – Blue Ballz – 2

Phil Martino – Dog Brothers – 2


Season Leaders

BCS (We rank teams for the playoffs based on our BCS formula which is your winning percentage doubled plus your opponents winning percentage)

Ralph Bocce-O – 2.156

Dog Brothers – 2.121

Robb & Mark – 2.088

Amerika’z Most Wanted – 2.014

Los Moppines – 1.948


Points Leader (all time high is 200)

Greg Griffo – Los Moppines – 156

Bryan Mullane – Los Moppines – 133

Ansonn Zeppetello – Amerika’z Most Wanted – 133

Tom Evans – Rum Runners – 133

Dan Hanley – Ballz Deeper – 126

George Christou – Dog Brothers – 126


Bocce Leader (all time high is 82)

Dave Oliva – Schaffer BMW – 46

Caity Ferrari – Buff Ave Babes – 44

Kim Pomeroy – Blind Bocce Bitches – 42

Jayson Gray – Kiss My Ace – 38

Jeff Weiner – Boccelism – 36

Paul Colabufo – Breakfast of Champions – 36


Ace Leader (all time high is 33)

Dave Oliva – Schaffer BMW – 17

Jeff McGann – Bocce Against the Machine – 16

Anson Zeppetello – Amerika’z Most Wanted – 13

Christos Christou – Schaffer BMW – 13

4 tied with 12


Turbo Round Wins (all time high is 10)

Monica Angelosanto – G and T’s – 7

Angelo Isgro – Kiss My Ace – 6

Allison Bodine – Double A’s – 4

Scott Mead – Big LaBocce – 4

Jess Blake – Twinning – 3

Phil Martino – Dog Brothers – 3


Rookie of the Year (given to the rookie with the most points, all time high is 173)

Jon Szewcyzk – We’re Gonna Bocce Your Mom – 121

Derrick Russell – Russell – 114

Caity Ferrari – Buff Ave Babes – 109

Katie Ives – Boccesaurus Rex – 100

Christina Hudson – Boccesaurus Rex – 96

If you didn’t see your stats you can check the stats for every team and person in the league HERE.



As the year winds on, bocce gets more intense on the field and more fun afterwords at the bar.  Proof of this can be found by looking at this week’s George Christou Award winner . . . or should I say winners.  This week we had a record four people earn the coveted George Christou Award (and the free drink that comes with it).   Congratulations to Meghan Sovocool, Nicole Morales, and Siobhan Christou who were all winners.  And an extra special congratulations to Mrs. Martino who came all the way from Pittsburgh, PA to watch her son win three games, then stayed and partied the night away in award winning fashion!

Screenshot_2016-07-25-13-44-43 (1)

Here is a piece of advice to hold you over until next week. Bear hugs are great, unless they are real bear hugs which are usually fatal.

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