Week 8 Recap

Losing at bocce is worse than 10,000 heart attacks. Its also worst than 10,000 maniacs, but not by much.

This joke was brought to you by 90’s pop music.

I want to start the Week 8 discussion with a game between Gruden’s Grinders and We Came In Like a Bocce Ball. Game one was a big win for Gruden’s Grinder’s who took a 13-3 win behind seven big points from Joe Potenza (one of which you can see on the highlight below). Gruden’s Grinders continued their winning ways in game two with an 11-6 win, behind six points from Jake Wilcox.

Then in the third game, Turbo Bocce history was made . . . Jen Powell and Paige Hoffman showed us all why you shouldn’t give up just because you lost the first two games in the series. There is still plenty of time to accomplish something special. So what is this great accomplishment you ask? Its a Buzz Saw. Short answer, a buzz saw is when you win 14-0. Long asnwer, its not easy to win a game up to 11 by 14 points. The only way to do it is to be leading exactly 10-0 and then to get a 4 point round. Its only happened seven times in 11 year the history of the league, and tradition dictates that the team who gets buzz sawed buys the victorious team a shot. Click HERE if you want a little info on the history of the Buzz Saw.


Jen and Paige knew they had a shut out and were excited about it, but I don’t think they knew just how difficult it is to win 14-0. When they found out they seemed pretty happy about it. Congrats to Jen Powell and Paige Hoffman for writing their names in the Turbo Bocce history books! If Hank Aaron saw that bocce game, he’d call Michael Jordan and tell him that they both wasted their life.

One of the best games of the day was played between Balls of Fury (second place in the league) and Thunderballz (third place in the league). This game was a true clash of styles with John and Robb of Balls of Fury liking to play long, and Jake and Sara of Thunderballz preferring the short game. The first game was close, but Balls of Fury won behind shots like the one you can see below by Robb Jones. In the second game Balls of Fury ensured they would win the series and move to second place in the league with a big 12-4 victory. Like most times when styles clash there can be big swings from one game to another depending mostly on who has control of the pallino. Despite losing big in the second game Thunderballz were completely dominant in the third game and won 11-1.

Dolce played De-Boccery in an especially exciting series, the first game of which was not so exciting as Dolce won 11-1. In the second game Dolce continued to shoot well, forcing Kelly and Meg of De-Boccery to knock their shots out if they wanted to win. As you can see below, Kelly was able to get that done, and De-Boccery won a close game 11-9. In the third game of the series De-Boccery took the momentum they had and ran with it, ultimately winning 11-3 and taking the series.

One of the hottest teams in the league is Where’s the Green, who had a tough match up with One Eyed Fish. The first game of the series was as close as a bocce game can get, with Where’s the Green winning by the two point minimum 11-9. Somehow the second game was even closer, with Where’s the Green needing overtime to finally win 12-10. The third game was close too, but Where’s the Green kept their hot streak going and earned the sweep with another close 11-7 win. As you can see throwing against One Eyed Fish can be distracting, but Pasquale didn’t seem too bothered.

Onto individual stats.

20 Point Club (season high going into the week was 24)

Greg Griffo – Two Testies and a Microphone – 23

Honorable Mention: Jason Nami – Bocce Beasts – 19


5 Bocce Club (season high going into the week was 10)

Jon Roche – TBD – 7

Jeanne Ulrich – Belles of the Ball – 6

Micheala Clark – TBD – 5

John Bauman – Balls of Fury – 5

Greg Griffo – Two Testies and a Microphone – 5


Multiple Ace Club (season high going into the week was 7)

Robb Jones – Balls of Fury – 2

Jason Nami- Bocce Beasts – 2

Paul Colabufo – Two Testies and a Microphone – 2


Season Leaders

BCS (We rank teams for the playoffs based on our BCS formula which is your winning percentage doubled plus your opponents winning percentage)

Two Testies and a Microphone – 2.189

Balls of Fury – 2.102

Thunderballz – 2.057

Bocce Beasts – 1.941

Blowing 8 Balls – 1.915


Points Leader

Sam Pascarella – Where’s the Green – 150

Greg Griffo – Two Testies and a Microphone – 149

John Bauman – Balls of Fury – 129

Jason Nami – Bocce Beasts – 128

Lou Pascarella – Twins Arnold and DeVito – 127


Bocce Leader

Jon Roche – TBD – 46

Greg Griffo – Two Testies and a Microphone – 35

Michaela Clark – TBD – 30

Kelly Edmondston – De-Boccery – 27

Joe Murphy – Make Bocce Great Again – 25


Ace Leader

Amy Figger – The Wing Ladies – 15

Greg Griffo – Two Testies and a Microphone – 10

Joe Murphy – Make Bocce Great Again – 9

4 tied with 8


Turbo Round Wins

Ken Brenner – Expert Ball Handlers – 3

Meg Dyer – De-Boccery – 3

Paige Hoffman – We Came In Like a Bocce Ball – 3

3 tied with 2


Rookie of the Year (given to the rookie with the most points)

Jason Nami – Bocce Beasts – 128

Lou Pascarella – Twins Arnold and DeVito – 127

John Murphy – Murphy’s Pour – 107

Jon Roche – TBD – 107

Anthony Pascarella – MILF Hunters – 106

If you didn’t see your stats you can check the stats for every team and person in the league HERE.

Here is a piece of advice to hold you over until next week: How do you abbreviate Arkansas? Just start spelling it, then quit.

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