Week 9 Recap

The sun was shining and the birds were singing (from both ends) on a perfect summer day in Syracuse. The weather got week 9 off to a great start, but the bocce kept it going (and the beer probably played a part too).

Did you notice this woman walking around bocce with a camera?

She is a professional photographer, and as a smart business owner she wants to make a name for herself doing the most prestigious thing any photographer can do (I assume) making a video that features all the beautiful people in our bocce league. Her name is Jackie Vidler, feel free to say hi and ask her about what she does (she will be back next week). Jackie owns a business called Enfoque Images so if you ever need a photographer for weddings, graduations, family portraits, etc. keep this website in mind http://www.enfoqueimages.com/ because I think its pretty safe to say that if she can put together a watchable video on our bocce league that she can do anything.

Look forward to the end result of the generous work Jackie is doing for us sometime in the off-season.

Onto on-the-field bocce news, two big time bounty games were played between four teams with very good records.

The first bounty team was Sweet Italian Bocce Balls featuring former Turbo Bocce champion Anson Zeppetello and the third leading scorer in the league Dan Hanley, who went up against impressive newcomers Dan Butler and Jake Schatz of Ball Don’t Lie, with $40 on the line.

This was a competitive game that followed an evolving pattern we have had in bounty games this year. Sweet Italian Bocce Balls got off to a dominating start, winning the first game 11-1, but Ball Don’t Lie bounced all the way back, and paid Sweet Italian Bocce Balls back with an 11-1 win of their own. As always seems to happen when the first two games are blow-outs in both directions, the third game was extremely close and competitive.

This game was no different, needing extra bocce to decide the outcome (and the money). In the end, Sweet Italian Bocce Balls managed a 12-10 win, preserving the bounty prize for the rest of the league.

The second bounty team featured last year’s regular season champions, Joe and Rob Mead of Puzzles, going against one of the best teams this year, Scott Popp and Donna Aitken of 2 Balls on Your Ace, with another $40 on the line.

2 Balls on Your Ace won the first game, but Puzzles rallied and won the last two, also managing to preserve the bounty prize for the rest of the league.

That means there will be (fittingly) two $60 bounties going into the tenth and final week of the season which is bound to be a great one.

I noticed that a lot of teams earned three wins this week. So congratulations should go out to Bocce Balboa, The Moppines, Ball Busters, Droppin Balls, New Bocce Order, Kentucky Bourbon, and One Eyed Fish, who all took three wins without suffering a loss.

One match up that did not end up in a 3-0 sweep just so happened to be the most popular game of the night. Andy and Phil of South beach played Angela and Allison of Double A’s three times. I mention that they played three times because nobody seemed to remember that afterwords.

Andy and Phil managed to win the first two games – again, I mention this because nobody seemed to remember it. It was the back and fourth third game played at dusk before a crowd of twenty to thirty screaming fans (or possibly twenty to thirty relatively quiet fans and Whipple) that got all the attention. In this memorable game South Beach had a 10-9 lead when the Double A’s scored a four point round to take the win. Congratulations to South Beach for winning two games, and congratulations to the Double A’s for getting one win that will count ten fold in the minds of all the (many) people who stayed to watch the latest running game of the night.

The game started like this.

Two and a half hours later it got serious.

Onto individual accolades.

There were three members of the twenty point club this week.

Colin Donahoe of Droppin Balls who lead the week with 23 points.

Bryan Mullane of The Moppines who scored 20.

Tony Cerro of One Eyed Fish who scored 20.

Just outside the twenty point club was Kate Kelly of Ball Busters who managed to score 19 while leading her team to three wins, while Pat Pascarella of Busting Balls scored 19 and got two wins.

The ten bocce club also had three members this week.

John Colella of Yankee Clippers lead the week with 13 bocces.

Alison Bodine of Double A’s knocked 11 out.

Greg Griffo of The Moppines also racked up 11 bocces.

Just outside the ten bocce club was Sandy Colabufo of Omnipotence who matched his 9 points with 9 bocces (a rare feat) and his partner Don Adamczyk who actually had more bocces (8) than points (6)(which is a very rare feat!). As a team, Omnipotence had more bocces than points, which I don’t think has ever happened before. Bob Amato of the Yankee Clippers had 9 bocces, which when added to his partners 13 makes 22 team bocces for the week which is a team high for the year. Scotti of DaVinci, and Angela of Double A’s both had 8 bocces as well.

The three ace club had a record number of members this week.

Sandy Colabufo of Omnipotence had a season high 5 aces.

Angela Morosini of Double A’s had 4.

Andy Ingalls of South Beach had 4, meaning there were a ton of aces in the game between South Beach and Double A’s.

Mike Aylesworth of Droppin Balls had 3.

Rob Mead of Puzzles had 3.

Bryan Mullane of The Moppines had 3.

Gina Paduana of BC Bocce Girls had 3.

Guy Pirraino of One Eyed Fish had 3 aces.

Its always a good week when Sanguine French shows up.

I want to start listing the individual high’s for the year at the end of these so we have a running total.

Most points scored in a match – Tim Maynard – Lord of the Balls – 24

Most bocces in a match – Phil Martino – South Beach – 15

Most aces in a match – Sandy Colabufo – 5

A note should be made that Jim Whipple of New Bocce Order now has 173 points for the year which is only 7 behind the all time record and his team has 24 wins which is three shy of the all time record. Good luck reaching those lofty heights in week 10.

At the White Water Pub food is put out starting at 9pm now, hopefully I managed to tell you Tuesday, but if you did not know before, you do now.

Tim Maynard of team Lord of the Balls has been very responsible about not driving home drunk all year long (and we encourage that kind of thinking!) but when he did not have to drive on Tuesday he made the most of it by going out and winning the George Christou award.

Here is the celebration. The league didn’t buy him a drink, but generous bar-goers did.  Congrats Tim.

If you want to see more pictures they can be found on our facebook page HERE.