Week 9 Recap

Now that Turbo Bocce is in its tenth year, our records are getting extremely hard to break. Through the first eight weeks of the season a few all time records were pressed, but none of them fell. That all changed in week 9.


The record that was up for grabs was the largest bounty prize of all time – $120. Needless to say this would be one of the most fun and profitable records to have, and Rick and Matt of Ralph Bocce-O were the two people with the chance to break it.

It took six straight weeks of the first bounty team winning to get to this point. The seventh bounty team just happened to be Ball Busters. Coincidentally Monica Angelosanto’s team. Putting the spotlight back on her, just three days after she was named the best bocce player in Syracuse.


Ralph Bocce-O had their work cut out for them, but showed they were up to the challenge by winning the first game in decisive fashion,11-3. Ball Busters would not be defeated easily though, and rebounded to win the second game 11-6. The third game would then decide if Ralph Bocce-O would win $120 dollars and get their names in the all time record book, or if we would do the whole thing again next week with $140 on the line.

It was a close game, but Ralph Bocce-O came away with an 11-8 win and the $120. Congratulations!


The second bounty team lost last week with $80 on the line so this week’s second bounty team, 2 ½ Kittens were defending a mere $20. Jon and Sam of Sauce & Sand were the luck team who stood to gain the $20 with a win.

This turned out to be quite an epic battle. Sauce & Sand needed extra bocce to win the first game 12-10. In the second game 2 ½ Kittens roared back with an 11-3 thrashing. So, for the second time in the day the bounty prize would be decided by a decisive third game. Again, this one needed extra bocce to reach a conclusion, but in the end Sauce & Sand won 13-11. For the first time all year we had two bounty winners in the same day!


This means in week 10 both bounty prizes will be $20.

20 Point Club

Jim “Hammer” McCarthy of Beer United stood alone at the top of the scoring mountain with 21 points (he also had 7 bocces in a great performance).

AJ Dougherty of 2 ½ Kittens scored 20 points in a valiant attempt to defend the bounty, Phil Martino of Black Jesus, Josh Wheeler of Knickerbocces, and Bill LaBrake of Eazy Duz It all also scored 20.


5 Bocce Club

Scott Mead of Big LeBocce and Barb Dennehy of Knights of the Round Ball shared the bocce lead with 9 bocces a piece and they did it in the same game, against each other. That must have been quite a game!

Frank DeMauro of Utter DeBocce had 8 on the day.

Jim “Hammer” McCarthy of Beer United, Sherri Walakis of Blonde Bocce Bitches, and Bobby Lupi of Bocce Against the Machine, scored 7 bocces a piece.

Rob Mead of Puzzles, Ed Burgsbaken of VR 46, and Kim Pomeroy of Blonde Bocce Bitches each had 6 bocces.

Ryan Pelkey of Breaking Balls, Siobhan Christou of Twinning, Phil Martino of Black Jesus, Angela Morosini of Double A’s, Mike Geiss of Mike & Mike, Mike Aylesworth of Droppin Balls, and Paul Colabufo of Breakfast of Champions each had 5 bocces on the day.


Multiple Ace Club

Kevin Currerri of Salty Bocce Balls, Bill LaBrake of Eazy Duz It, Michelle Samiolis of Vagina Bombs, and Mike Aylesworth of Droppin Balls shared the Ace lead for the week with 3 each.


After the bocce was done the George Christou award made a reappearance. Bocce Mascot Sanguine French won belated George Christou honors while Scotti Francescotti of DaVinci won the award for the week.


As always, if you want to see more pictures of our week check our Facebook page.