Week 9 Recap

Week 9, and everybody is trying to fit in all their games before the season ends (next week plus a make up week).

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The league leaders Eazy Does it lost two of three to 2012 Bocce Champions, but they had enough of a cushion to stay in the lead for another week.

In another match up of top ten teams, Long Dongs beat Big Time two games to one.

Amerika’z Most Wanted continued its meteoric rise up the charts by beating Team Schwag three games to zero in three very closely contested extra round 12-10 games. Not often you see three games go into extra shots.

On individual notes, Paul from Ghost Sphincter lead the way with 22 points, coming close to, but not topping, Tom from I’ll Have Another, who has been the league leader for quite a while now.

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History was made on the bounty front in several ways today. First, the bounty was up to a record $100. Pretty good money just for winning two games of bocce. Second, for the first time a team played for the bounty twice, and to top it off this team got to play for it two weeks in a row. As unlikely as it might seem, Tap That played bounty team Amerika’z Most Wanted last week and lost, only to get a second chance this week against team Sham. Where they were able to come out with the win, and with $100.

At the Ukrainian Home, Rob from Kentucky Bourbon won the most drunk award after trying for it and nearly losing the last few weeks.

See all these Ukrainian Home liquor bottles? A few of us mixed the entire bottom row together and drank it. So that happened. Next up . . . top row.

Also, our official mascot Sanguine French stopped by the field which is always a teat. Did you see him?