What is Table Bocce?

What is table bocce?  Once you hear our big announcement on 11/3o you are going to want to know.

The short answer is, its bocce ball played on a pool table with billiard balls and pool cues.  Of course, I rarely just give the short answer …  So here’s more!

I described table bocce years back on a list of Turbo Bocce’s top 10 innovations (table bocce came in as the #6 innovation, FYI) like this . . .

Table Bocce is essentially bocce on a pool table. Its a lot of fun and this is how it works:

The cue ball serves as the pallino. One player takes the solids (except the 8 ball which is just an extra) and the other player takes the stripes, so each player has seven balls total. Just like with bocce the person throwing the pallino hits the cue ball down the table then follows up with one of his own balls trying to get it as close as possible to the pallino/cue. Just like with bocce, the team farthest from the pallino continues to shoot until they have inside position. Just like with bocce, each team gets four shots (the rest of your solids or stripes just hang out in the ball return to start).

Here is where things get different. In bocce you can try to get your ball in scoring position or you can try to knock out the other teams ball, but Table Bocce has a third option, you can try to knock one of your opponents balls into the pocket, thus causing them to lose that ball forever. Now each team has seven balls and only gets four shots, so causing your opponent to lose a ball will not hurt them immediately. But if you knock four or more of their balls into the pocket they will only have three (or fewer) balls left to shoot and score with, giving you the advantage.

The game ends when one team scores 11 OR all their balls have been knocked into pockets. The player who has lost all his balls has not necessarily lost the game, however, the winner is whoever has more points at the time one player has no more balls left, so there is a balancing act between needing to get your balls in scoring position, and wanting to knock your opponents balls into the pocket so that they eventually have fewer balls than you do and are at a disadvantage.

Next time you find yourself in a bar with a pool table give it a try. I think you will find its lots of fun.


Table Bocce will be one of several games available to be played during Turbo Bocce’s winter session (hint, hint!)