Who is the Best Bocce Player in Syracuse? 1 on 1 Tournament!

Our first 1 on 1 tournament using the group stage format, yielded perhaps the best and most tightly contested 1 on 1 tournament ever!

Part of the reason for the high quality of play was that it ended in 4 hours, compared to our longest 1 on 1 tournament which lasted over 9 hours with roughly the same number of competitors.


As most 1 on 1 tournaments are, it was a hot day in the sun with no clouds or shade to speak of.  Thank got everybody got free delicious Young Lion beer to drink while they played!

If you want to see who competed and what group they were drawn into, check HERE.


I will pick up the story from the end of group play.

Paul Colabufo, Rob Calvani,  Brenden Connor, Derrick Russell, and Greg Griffo won their respective groups.


Bryan Mullane, Angelo Isgro, and Scott Mead earned the wild card spots with 31, 29, and 25 points respectively.


Maybe the player of the tournament was Renee Williams, who finished second in the bracket of death, and scored 24 total points, only 1 shy of making the knock out round despite having to go up against Greg Griffo (previous winner), John Bauman (reigning champ), and Bernard LeVine.


The knock out round pitted the best group winners against the lowest wild card winner.


Paul Colabufo with a 3-0 record and only 4 points given up was the #1 seed, and he faced Scott Mead the third wild card winner who was 2-1 with 25 points.


Derrick Russel, went 3-0 and gave up 26 points, and was the #4 place group winner.  He faced Rob Calvani who went 2-1 with 29 points and was the #5 place group winner.

On the other side of the bracket Griffo locked down the #2 seed by going 3-0 in the bracket of death and only giving up 11 points along the way.  He played Angelo Isgro who locked down the second wild card with a 2-1 record and 29 points scored.


Brenden Connor took the 3 seed in a really tough bracket by going 3-0 and beating previous champion Bryan Mullane 11-9 in what was very probably the best game of the tournament.  Bryan, going 2-1 with 31 points scored was the #1 wild card and for his effort earned a rematch against Brenden in the knock out round.


The way it worked out, Scott Mead and Paul Colabufo had played each other the previous round in group play with Paul Colabufo winning 11-3.  When they faced off again (5 or 10 minutes after the last game ended) things turned out VERY differently, with Scott winning 11-0 AND having 3 balls left in hand to go for the buzz saw … he chose to throw them away and not risk debocce, which I think was the wrong move.  But what a game he played!


Rob Calvani was able to outlast Derrick Russell 11-6.


Greg Griffo came form behind to steal one 11-9 against Angelo Isgro.


And Bryan Mullane and Brenden Connor staged the second rematch of the night, with the sequel almost reaching the level of the original.  It was tied 7-7 when Bryan won with a 4 point round.  Watch our for Brenden Connor in the future folks.  He is new to the league and looks like a force to be reckoned with.

This set up a final 4 of Scott Mead, Rob Calvani, Greg Griffo and Bryan Mullane.


Scott Mead continued his strong play beating Rob Calvani 11-1.

Greg Griffo inched past Bryan Mullane in a close one.

This left only Greg and Scott as candidates for the Best Bocce Player in Syracuse.


Greg started strong with a 3 point round you can see here.

The middle part of the game belonged to Scott, who found himself with a 10 – 8 lead, just missing his 11th and winning point by about an inch.

But the final round belonged to Greg and he managed an 11-10 victory in this competition where we played to 11 straight and not win by two.  It was as close a game as you can have, and as well played a game as you would want for a competition like this.

At the end of the day Greg Griffo is the Best Bocce Player in Syracuse.


Here is how the Triple Crown points break down.


Greg Griffo – 3

Scott Mead – 2

Rob Calvani & Bryan Mullane – 1