Who We Are and What We Are About

Learn everything you want to know about the Turbo Bocce league!

League Highlights

–          All you can eat and drink for 5 dollars!!

–          Cash prizes given out EVERY WEEK.

–          Individual and team stats and standings kept.

–          Fast paced, exciting Bocce games with no boring measuring.

Where do we play, when do we play, and what commitment do you have to make?

Bocce leagues will play on Tuesday nights at Onondaga Lake Park, right by the Visitor Center.  Click HERE for park info and directions, we play on what they call the Grand Lawn, between the Visitor Center and the Salt museum.

There will be bocce played between 5pm and dark (usually around 9pm) but you don’t need to be there for all of it.  Your game will only take about an hour! So as long as you can be at the park for one hour anywhere in the 5 to 9 time frame you are good to go.

The league will be played once a week  for 10 weeks starting May 28th.  There will be a pre-season practice week held on May 21st.  And a playoffs held after the last regular season week of bocce is finished.

We know that everybody has weeks where they wont be able to attend, and we do have make two up dates scheduled, one in the middle of the year, 4th of July week, and another at the end of our 10 week regular season, so you can make up any days you miss.  We do, however, need everybody to understand that missing causes scheduling problems, so you should be able to attend at least 7 or 8 weeks out of the 10, if you expect to play

1 hour a night, 1 night a week, 7 to 8 weeks a summer.  Pretty flexible, right?  That’s the idea.  We want bocce to fit seamlessly into your life with minimum commitment.  If you think you can meet these minimum requirements you are welcome to join.

To sign up to play email Paul at paul@turbobocce.com.


We play with teams of 2 people.  So you can sign up with a partner of your choosing or you can be placed with somebody already in the league who is also looking for a partner.  Just let us know which option you would like when you sign up for the league.


ESPN Radio’s local affiliate will be updating game results and stats on air this year!

The White Water Pub will be sponsoring us with free food and drink specials for all the bocce players.

The cost to play in the league is $50 per person.  In this you get a free tee shirt, $5 all you can eat and drink every night, plus all your money gets paid back out to you with weekly and year end prizes. You can come and play a week or two WITH NO COMMITMENT.  So come check us out!

To sign up to play email Paul at paul@turbobocce.com.

Who are we, and what are we about?

To understand Turbo Bocce, you need to understand regular bocce.  For those of you who don’t know much about regular bocce, we’ve included a helpful instructional video for you to watch HERE.

Understand regular bocce now?  Great.

Here’s why it sucks.

–          First, there is always a lot of unnecessary measuring which is boring and takes a lot of time.  How does Turbo Bocce fix this problem? With our patented Turbo round (of course).  When two shots are tied or disputed at the end of a round, we throw one sudden death ball from each team to determine who wins the point.  You do have one challenge per game where you can call for a measurement, but the Turbo round forces you to put your money where your mouth is, so to speak, and only call for a measurement when its really needed and when you really think you are in.  The result is a faster more exciting game with the added drama of a Turbo round.

–          The problem with playing bocce on a court is, when you play in a big rectangle you’re basically making the same shot over and over and over again, and that gets old.  How does Turbo Bocce fix this problem? The world is our court.  You can throw as long as 50 feet or as short as 5 feet, depending on your preference.  This adds a lot of strategy.  Is your opponent weak?  Throw it far.  Are they good at the long game?  Go short.

–          The problem with playing bocce in a field is, being able to move to the side so you can take a better angle before shooting.  Its unfair and not really sportsmanlike.  How does Turbo Bocce fix this problem? We use a “starting box.”  Everybody has to throw from the same “starting box” which means everybody has the same angle, plus it adds an extra dimension of strategy to the game because blockers can be thrown to protect good shots.  When you can take any angle you want, blockers really don’t matter.

In summary, we play a faster more exciting brand of bocce that has a lot more strategy and feels a lot more like a real sport.  Add free food and beer tastings to that mix and there you have it.  What Turbo Bocce is, and what we are all about.

One more time . . . to sign up to play email Paul at paul@turbobocce.com.