XMas Carol

For a long time my family had a tradition. The men went caroling on the 23rd while the women and children stayed home and baked Christmas cookies. I remember my first time going caroling with the men. I was the only kid allowed to go. We went from house to house singing carols and inevitably getting invited in for beers at each stop. The men all got drunk and I usually got a soda or a candy cane. Each stop meant more singing, more soda and candy canes for me, and more “Christmas cheer” for the men. It was almost as good as Halloween. When we got cold and tired and went back home there was always a fresh batch of Christmas cookies waiting for us.

That tradition died a while ago. Now both the men and the women stay at home and make cookies. I guess we got a little too old and too lazy to brave the weather each year and sing stupid songs. I can’t say I miss the soda or the candy canes. I can’t say I miss going out in the snow and singing. I do miss spreading a little Christmas cheer. So I’m going to carol in a little different way. By providing you with a sample of the best Christmas songs ever made.

The best place to start is with the most stereotypically Italian Christmas song there is. Dominick the Donkey. As an Italian I find Dominic the Donkey to be a strange combination of insulting and amazing, but in the end I’m always more amazed than insulted.

Bing is the King!

Is this a Hippopotamus or just a really cool Opotamus?

Here’s a much needed touch of class.

I dont know why I like this song . . . I just do.

Another classy song by yet another dago.

The second greatest Christmas song of all time . . . ba dum bum bum

Ladies and gentlemen, the greatest Christmas song of all time . . .

Merry Christmas everyone!